Promised Hope for Women

There is hope for anyone who struggles with

  • betrayal and hurt of a husband’s sexual sin

  • shame or guilt from a past abortion

  • shame of sexual sin

  • grief of a miscarriage

Women who are sensitive to those hurts and/or have journeyed through similar issues are available to walk the journey through pain and healing.

To talk to someone, reach out to Mindy Sames 909-260-1564.  All calls are confidential. You don't have to walk this alone.

Reclaiming Healing after Betrayal Trauma Group

Walking through betrayal of any kind is very difficult. Walking through it as a partner means your heart is broken and you likely feel alone in your pain. We work through the process of healing together in a safe place where God meets us on this journey. Navigating recovery from sexual betrayal can be confusing and overwhelming, but this group will impact you greatly in finding your strength in Jesus for healing and post-traumatic growth. 

For more information, contact Tanya Uribes, 909-477-0269.


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