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Debbie Brocious from Light & Power passed away April 15.

Helene Crosswhite’s husband, father to Jennifer Crosswhite and grandfather of Josh and Caitlyn Tiszai, Dave Crosswhite, passed away April 19.

Scott Blakey's brother, Ken, passed away on April 18.

Trinity Pastor, Larry Poland, passed away on May 1. He served at Trinity from mid-80’s through 1992 and continued with Trinity church through the early 2000’s


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Andrew Perez and Ethan DeRosa on Good Friday, April 7, 2023.

New Members

April 2023:

  • John Acker & Esther Lee 
  • Mary Lou Bailey 
  • Gwen Frankian 
  • Jennifer Gifford 
  • David &Heide Pagel
  • Mary Ellen Rynders 
  • Richard Cordova 
  • Nancy, Sara and Daisy Soto 
  • Clay & Sue Gengler 

May 2023:

  • Jim & Jeanni Bennett 
  • Lauren Marsden
  • Zach Olson
2023 Graduations
  • Biola University: Madeline Gruenler, Elizabeth Meinders, Andrew Larivee
  • Colorado Christian University: Billy Born

High School:

  • Blake Robertson
  • Brayden Shumate
  • Valden McEuen
  • Gavin Gearhart
  • Logan Johnson
  • Joseph Sepulveda
  • Connor Vandiver
  • Joshua Hayes
  • Ruthie Fogal
  • Sophia Dau
  • Shianne Wilson 
  • Celine Hill 
  • Evie O'Brien
  • Julianna Gruenler

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