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The Life We've Always Wanted


What is it that we crave out of life? What are the main desires we have for a life well lived? As a follower of Jesus, what is the life God has always wanted for us?

Our lists may vary somewhat, but for many it would almost certainly include: 

  • belonging to a close knit family where burdens are shared and joys are celebrated, 
  • experiencing intentional actions of love and acceptance from others, 
  • enjoying positive personal growth and a deepening faith in God, 
  • knowing that the work we do is meaningful and uplifting to others, 
  • journeying with others who are close friends and committed to our relational success,
  • having a strong understanding of truth and what is right so that our actions help rather than hurt others, and 
  • wanting to impact our world for God in a way that changes others with His love, Grace, and Gospel message. 

In this series, we will explore what this means together.

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