Oct 18, 2020 | Bill Born

The Gospel of Peace

Now What? Be ready to move with Jesus with the gospel of peace as he is advancing his kingdom

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Standing Together in Spiritual Battle

In these challenging days, it’s easy to be confused as to who the real enemy is. Is it the government? Is it the opposing political party? Is it the protestors? Is it the police? Is it the person in my church who sees any one of these things differently than I do?

The Bible is clear – we are brothers and sisters, not each other’s enemies. And even the various human entities of this world are not our enemies, as every human being is made in the image of God and, like us, is invited to join His family. 

So who is our enemy? None other than God’s enemy, Satan himself, who is out to steal, kill, and destroy what God loves most – us!

Being the children of God means that we’re a battalion ARMED by our Father to stand against the attacks of the enemy together.


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