Partnering with Trinity Church is the next step for followers of Jesus ready to join the mission of helping people get rooted in Jesus and reaching their worlds. We live out this mission together, agreeing to live by established godly principles and standards to influence those in our relational worlds.

Trinity Church Partnership (Membership Class)

This class introduces you to the values and beliefs of Trinity Church. However, you do not have to become a member after taking the class. All church leaders/teachers are required to become members in order to hold leadership positions.

This class is about how we partner in life to fulfill our mission to be “Rooted in Jesus and Reaching our Worlds.” We will also talk about core values, beliefs and what is involved in becoming a partner/member of Trinity Church.

This is a time for any questions you may have considered. Next class begins October 15. For more information regarding membership, please contact Sheri Blakey.

Trinity’s Membership Covenant