Luke and Acts Sunday Adult Study

Luke and Acts Sunday Adult Study

Every Sunday, from 01/23/2022 to 09/04/2022, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Room M102

Luke and Acts: A Two-part narrative for holy living

This year-long study explores God’s intricate theology and plan for His church as revealed within Luke and Acts. Themes include the Kingdom of God, salvation and sanctification, continuity between the Old and New Testaments, Holy Spirit, prayer, persecution, and the church.

The study will also teach and model how to handle accurately the word of God and discern the intended meaning of the texts often missed from more casual readings of Scripture (2 Timothy 2:15 and 3:16-17). The class is designed as a Bible study to help believers become deeply rooted in the Biblical faith and better equipped in reaching others for Christ.

The plus 52-week study will explore one chapter a week (24 chapters in Luke and 28 chapters in Acts) and include time for teaching, fellowship, prayer, and the occasional breaking of bread, a description of the early church in Acts 2:42.

Hosted by Dr. John Shoup

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