Elder Town Hall

Elder Town Hall

Sunday, October 24, 2021, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Room M105

In the ongoing effort for better communication, the elders are hosting the first Trinity town hall meeting. They plan to introduce a topic for a few minutes with a Q&A follow-up for each topic.

The three topics being discussed at this meeting are governance, unity, and the role of the elders at Trinity Church. If there is time remaining, it will be opened up general questions. If this format is found to be helpful, there is a plan to host more town halls in the future, possibly quarterly.

Note from Dan Flaming, Elder Chairman:

After acknowledging the challenges we’ve faced at Trinity Church the past year or so, someone asked me if the elders have had any highlights this past year. I answered, “Yes,” and gave a couple of examples. As I reflected on this question later, a number of other examples came to mind: being able to lay hands on and pray for members of congregation during their illnesses, seeing the Elder Board come together in unity, receiving your approval to serve another 3 years as an elder and reflecting on how God can use times of trial to develop my character. The common theme of these highlights and others are watching the Holy Spirit move in my life, those around me and our church.  

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