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Water Day

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Today is what I would call a good day. It was long. It was tiring. But it was good. Beginning with VBS, we went through the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and the disciples’ struggle to stay awake. The lesson was shorter today for the sake of a trip to the park for some water fun. Instead of having a puppet show, our puppet masters acted out the story as we told it. The kids were laughing the whole way through, loving the silly things the puppets were doing. It really got all the kids into today’s events. After the lesson we shuttled them to a park to do some free play with jump ropes, soccer balls, and frisbees, as well as some water play. We did a wet version of duck, duck, goose; hot potato with a water balloon; and a game with some water guns. Then our team proceeded to soak the kids and each other with the rest of the water just before we served snack. Then we shuttled the kids back and did an easy craft with paper bags, fun stickers, and googly eyes to decorate them.

Some of us headed back to cook lunch, which was piaya. When the rest of the team arrived, we ate and then had a time of rest before heading back to Agua Viva for more hard work. At the church plant we split into a few teams, one group working on the kitchenette, another the puppet stage, and another prayer walking around the neighborhood. The kitchenette made a lot of progress. The cabinets are hung and are waiting on their drawers, shelves, and doors. The puppet stage was completely assembled and the curtains hung. Thad and Bekah did a great job putting the words “Agua Viva Kids” on the front. Paul, Mikarah, and myself worked on creating a back drop for the stage. We got a good way through creating a savannah scene to go with the animals we brought for them. Meanwhile, a number of members of our team rotated prayer walking.

Tonight was a late night for work so a group headed back to prepare dinner. Cherie led a devotion on 2 Corinthians 6:5 and then we called it a night.

As always, keep our health and safety in your prayers. Tomorrow is the last day of VBS and we will be working with a smaller amount of space due to the construction we are doing. Pray that things go as smoothly as they can and the last day is successful. Also pray for us as we move to the other location where we will be staying  and try to finish our projects at Agua Viva. Thank you for your support and prayers!

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