Spain Mission Trip 2019

Team Building

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In addition to our monthly meetings to get us all ready for Spain, the team enjoyed a great potluck dinner Monday night.  The Plaxtons were incredible hosts with Marcia outdoing herself with themed placemats, flowers and décor!  The fare was Spanish-inspired, with lots of tapas.  Shrimp, bacon-wrapped dates, cheeses and tomatoes and bread with olive oil.  The main course consisted of two different kinds of paella, Spanish stew over couscous, and Spanish green beans. Of course the desserts were plentiful… Pastissets (Spanish powdered sugar cookies), crème pie, cake, and flan.  This was all just for 13 people!

Paul A. took photos of each team member with a backdrop of the setting sun on the pines and oaks of the Oak Glen mountains.  Beautiful! 

After dinner, we gathered for a time of prayer and fellowship.  Marcia encouraged us with the words of the prophet Micah in chapter 6, verse 8 – “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”  The simple question is meant to inspire reflection.  If one seeks to do this, all else is much easier. 

Paul P. gave us a brief lesson in easy Spanish words for some of the foods we may eat.  We learned that Pina is pineapple and goes with the word Colada…!

In going forward, Becky will be our transportation coordinator, getting us safely from place to place (LAX to Paris to Malaga to Los Barrios, and then the same in reverse to return home), and Zach will do his best to keep the right group of bags with the right group of people.

Bekah and Morgan helped us work on our plan for presenting Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Spanish using songs from Camp TLC two years ago.  It should be pretty fun.  Jonathan and Thad will take breaks from working on various construction projects to be puppeteers, since everyone else is too intimidated to act with crazy hand puppet animals for an audience of 6 year olds… 

Cammie and Sally will have the pleasure of cooking for this entire crew.  Don’t worry about them, they made it clear that while they cook, the rest of us clean!

Paul and Marcia will have complementary roles as the team encourager and the prayer walker (respectively).  Their intentionality in these roles was so apparent at the dinner that it’s obvious they will serve the team and the community very well and take care of all of us!

Paul A. and Morgan will keep everyone back home well-informed and entertained with photo, video, and journaling blogs.  More to follow, of course.

Mikarah will be doing double duty as both the team medic and the worship leader.  We should just combine the two titles, maybe….“Band Aid?”

Cherie has been our primary communications person, ensuring we have information and know what’s next.  Thanks to Mary for working with Cherie, Jonathan, and every other team to get everyone squared away on specific needs from our church.  

We of course can’t leave out J.D. and Sara Bennett, our future hosts in Spain and the founders of Aqua Viva church in Los Barrios.  They have been wonderful in laying the ground work for us to come to their country.  We thank God for this opportunity and look forward with great anticipation to his leading! 

Thanks to all and we ask for continued prayer….

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