Spain Mission Trip 2019

Heading Home

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Last days are always bitter sweet. On one hand, we get to head home and back to the familiar: family, friends, jobs... It's means our normal schedule, our own cars, our food. It means home. It's always good to go home. But it also means leaving what we now have here: the kids from the VBS, the Bennetts, and each other. Sarah and JD shared their desire for a team and friends to partner with them here, people to support them. Sarah also opened up about how much she appreciated what we have done for them, not just the VBS or the things we built for them or the gifts and supplies we bought but the immaterial things. She appreciated our presence and company, our taking care of her children and giving them friends for eight days. It is hard to be alone and JD and Sarah have been alone a lot. We all can say that it has been amazing to get to know them and the people they desire to reach with the Gospel. We have loved putting personalities and memories to faces. Though we are leaving tomorrow, we have so much to remember and pray for when we get back home. No way are any of us forgetting the Bennetts or Spain.

This morning we got through verses 10-12 of 2 Corinthians 6 thanks to Becky and Paul. Then we headed to Okay Cafe, the place most of the team went to for breakfast last Sunday. Then we headed to Agua Viva where JD preached in 2 Timothy. I took Sara Ruth and Abby to the Sunday School room, taught them about Jesus being the light of the world, and did a craft with them.

After church we checked in for our flights then left for a lunch if fish and chips in Gibraltar. It was an interesting experience going back to seeing English after we drove over the border. Once lunch was done we took a quick trip to the top of the rock to see the view and the monkeys. The monkeys were funny and mischievous, one even jumped on Zach.

From Gibraltar we headed back to Iglesia Evangelica Bautista, the church we're staying in, to be there in time for the service. We got to some songs in Spanish with the congregation, which is always an interesting experience. Bekah and Cherie shared their testimonies before the church and Mikarah and Cherie same a few songs for them. Then JD preached the same sermon as this morning but in Spanish. After the service, our day was a wrap and we headed out to dinner before packing up everything for an early morning.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support throughout our trip, our team and the Bennetts greatly appreciate all of you. Please pray for our health and safety, as always, and for traveling mercies. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and we are praying it will go as smoothly as possible. Also, keep the Bennetts in your prayers, the girls and JD and Sarah are going to really miss the companionship. They're alone a lot here. Pray for strength from the Lord, pray for good friends for them, pray for partners in ministry. Thank you again, we are looking forward to getting home and being able to tell you more than the small updates I tried to provide ever could.

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