Small Group Updates

In an abundance of caution, to best align with the direction of our government and in care for our Trinity Church family, we are asking that all groups suspend meeting together in person until further notice.

Instead of meeting together in person, we are inviting all of our groups to continue meeting online through video chat, conference calls or group texts. Below are a couple virtual "How To" video links.

Skype      How to set up skype

Zoom       How to set up zoom

How to download and use Zoom with your small group

There are many apps for being able to have a remote audio-visual conversation with your group. Zoom and Skype are two apps that are easy to download and use. The basic versions are free to you. Here are the instructions for how to use Zoom.


Basic (free) Zoom can be used with up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes. One person is the host of the connection (could be anyone in the group) who would initiate a “meeting.”  For example, I can initiate a meeting with my Home Group tonight at 7:00pm. I send them an email invitation and they simply click on the link that I send them. They then see a screen and fill in their name. Then we can talk together while seeing one another on the screen. With the “free” version, we can talk for 40 minutes.

However, if you want to be connected for longer, someone can sign up for the Pro version for $14.99 per month. I have the Pro version and we can stay connected for many hours with up to 100 participants. Only the host (administrator) will need to purchase the Pro version should you decide you want longer times together.


From here you can schedule meetings up to 40 minutes in length with everyone in your group.


Begin by open your web browser. Do a search for “zoom video conferencing.” Open “” Click on “plans and pricing” (may be in top left). Click on your choice, “Free” or the “Pro” for $14.99. (The “Pro” will enable you to exceed 40 minutes. This is your choice.)

Enter your email address. They will send you an email. Click the confirmation link in that email to begin using Zoom. You will enter name, password twice, and click on “continue.” Then close the app.

Open the home page of the app and click on “Schedule.” Fill in the information including topic, date and time. Click on “generate automatically” but do not “require meeting password.” This is because you are going to send them an invitation via email. Under “VIDEO” click host “on” and participants “on.” Under AUDIO click “computer audio” and under CALENDAR choose whatever you like. Click on “Schedule” On your calendar it will say “Adding a new event” and click on “OK.”

Then go back to the home page and click on “Meetings.” It will say something like “YOUR NAME ZOOM MEETING.” Click on “Copy invitation.” Then open an email and paste this invitation into the body of the email. Go to the top and enter everyone’ email address. Under the “Subject” line, put your invitation to our Zoom meeting. You are now done with the invite.

When it is time to start the meeting, open the Zoom app, click on “meetings” and click on “Start.” Your meeting has begun. At the end of the meeting, you alone can “end the meeting.”

A pull down menu comes up, choose “With Video on” Then click on “Open.” Click on “Call using internet audio”. Choose “Participants” to invite your contacts to join this meeting. When finished, click on “End meeting.”


When you receive the email, open the email. Zoom application will open the apps store. Click “get” and click “install” and sign in with your password (what you use for any app). It will take a minute to load. Click “open.” Go back to your email and click on the link (hyperlink) provided by the host (it might be underlined in the invitation). A dialogue box opens, it has your name and you click “enter.” Then you will receive two prompt boxes. Click on yes for “visual” and then click on “use internet for audio.” (It might also say “use computer microphone” and click on this.)  When it opens and you see someone, click on “gallery view” so that you can see everyone. At this point you will see everyone on your monitor and you should be able to talk with each other. You can click “leave meeting” at any time if you need to leave. Only the host can close the conversation by clicking on “end the meeting.”

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