Romania Mission Trip 2019

"Go Home..."

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"Go home. Too much English will kill you!"

Rei Abrudan had to shoo the kids from our English class out of the building because they were having too much fun to leave, and this was his joking way of doing so. Day 2 of English class was a success, and we're all excited for our 3rd and final day!

This morning we helped at a preschool run by Corina, a woman from Rei's church. Hearing her story of how the preschool came to be (beginning with spiritual prompting for prayer and continuing with constant faith) was incredible, and playing with the little ones in their classes was a great joy. I got to spend the morning in the toddlers' class with Miss 'Dia, a gal my age with a heart of gold. Her love for and understanding of these kids was incredible.

We're slowly acclimating to the jet lag, but prayers for energy would greatly be appreciated! Please also pray for our last day with the children in English class at Via Church, that they will hear God speaking directly to them, and that they may practice their English with confidence.

- Brooke Raymond, for the team


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