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    Finding Faith Through Home Groups

    06.21.17 | Faith Story | by Sheryl Gruenler

    When Church Isn't Enough... At first, he couldn’t understand why these people wanted him in their home, eating dessert at their table. Why would they spend the time to listen to his doubts, answer his questions about the Bible, hang out...

      Unleashing Compassion

      04.03.17 | Love | by Bill Born

      Compassion like this is what Jesus said is not only part of his greatest commandment, but it is the mark to the world that we are his disciples.

        A Long Road to Recovery

        03.17.17 | Faith Story | by Sheryl Gruenler

        Looking at Becky today, you wouldn’t know the physical challenges she has faced. “People think I look normal and that nothing ever happened, but the feeling on my right side didn’t totally come back.” It is a reminder that “God saved me for a...

          Miracles in Mississippi

          11.01.16 | Missions | by Sandra Schoger Foster

          The trip has changed her, because God used the experience to change her heart. She knows she will never be the same. “I do not want to be that person I was before this summer mission trip, which was an angry, negative, sarcastic person. I had...

            Art as a Tool to Share God's Love

            06.30.16 | Gifts | by Sheryl Gruenler

            Greg believes that when art becomes an end in itself, it is shortsighted. Indeed, whether it is music or photography, “everything we do as a Christian should be to bring glory to God and to glorify God by introducing other people to him.” As 1...


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