Lead Pastor Search Updates

As we search for the next Lead Pastor for Trinity Church, please continue to pray for wisdom and guidance. Any updates will appear below during this time. 

For Lead Pastor recommendations, please email the name to Nancy Moore Associate, Melissa Goodman.

January 28, 2024

November 29, 2023

November 13, 2023

Statement from Trinity Elders: As was announced at the Town Hall on November 5, 2023, the search for our next lead pastor was restarted after taking a few weeks off. To begin the process, we updated the pastor profile document that our consultant NL Moore and Associates uses to introduce potential candidates to Trinity and describes what we are looking for. We wanted it to reflect who Trinity is today rather than when the document was originally written over a year ago. We also wanted to clarify and refine the qualities and characteristics of the lead pastor we are looking for. Nancy Moore and her team from NL Moore have been collecting and vetting names for several months and we hope to have another pool of candidates to have initial interviews with in early December. We expect the holiday season will slow us down a bit and the process will resume in January. If you have a pastor you would like to recommend, you can email that name to Melissa Goodman, the Search Associate working alongside Nancy Moore.

 As part of the restart, each member of the search committee was invited to pray and consider their ability to continue on the committee. Jason Pugh stepped off the committee to be able to give proper attention to his new role as elder board chairman. Four other members chose to step off after consideration of the time investment. A huge thank you to Martha Daggett, Erik Dahnke, Pavel Ilie, and David Yleah, who invested a lot of time in the search process. We appreciate the contributions they made. This leaves Nicolette Kay and Jay Zercher from the original committee, and they are joined by three new members: Scott Strum (elder), the new chairman of the search committee, Don Bell (elder) and Paula Lawrence. Please pray for each member of the search committee as they prepare for the upcoming round of new candidate interviews.

September 3, 2023

August 13, 2023

July 19, 2023

May 31, 2023

May 21. 2023

May 9, 2023

April 17, 2023

March 26, 2023

Click here for update from Jason Pugh

February 8, 2023

Q: How can I pray for this process?

A: Here are four ways to pray:

  • Pray for the search committee. Pray for protection of mind and from spiritual attacks. Pray that they would be listening for the Holy Spirit's guidance.
  • Pray for our congregation, that we would be eager and ready to receive our next Lead Pastor.
  • Pray for our next Lead Pastor. That the Lord would be preparing his heart, mind and spirit to come and lead us in our next chapter.
  • Pray for our next Lead Pastor's family. That their hearts would be filled with joy and excitement for this next stage of their lives.

Join with others on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am in M201 to pray together.

January 29, 2023

Q: How do I recommend someone I would like to be considered as our next Lead Pastor?

A: We welcome your suggestions and nominations! All names, along with their email and phone contact if available, should be directed to our consultants at NL Moore & Associates. If you have a pastor you would like to recommend, you can email that name to Melissa Goodman, the Search Associate working alongside our Lead Consultant Nancy Moore. If you have already submitted a name to the Elders, no worries. All the names already collected will be forwarded along to the consultants too.

July 28, 2022

The Elders had the joy and privilege of announcing the pastoral search team, a subcommittee of the elders whose job is to search for Trinity’s next lead pastor, with the ultimate goal of presenting a candidate to the elders for their recommendation to the congregation. To arrive at this team, a list of potential committee members was compiled from recommendations by congregants as well as those who stated they were interested in serving. While prayerfully considering the members who would be best to serve on the committee, there were several individual characteristics considered by the elder board:

  • Mature and balanced – not prone to emotional responses
  • Not driven by personal agenda
  • Able to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Capable of expressing opinions without being argumentative
  • Willing to collaborate, listen and respectfully consider the input of others

The board also aimed to achieve diversity that appropriately reflects our community in characteristics like gender, tenure, socio-economics, education and racial representation. Finally, the board felt it was important that everyone on the committee was a member of Trinity.
The elders feel the Lord has spoken clearly as to whom should be on the committee. Please join in prayer for Martha Daggett, Erik Dahnke, Pavel Ilie, Nicolette Kay, Jason Pugh, David Yleah, and Jay Zercher. Each of them has stated that they are humbled to serve Trinity Church in this capacity and know the importance of such a task. Click here to watch a video of their commissioning during the service on July 24.