Portugal 2019 Mission Trip

Obrigado Portugal!

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Today was our last day in Portugal and we’re all going to miss it so much! We began our morning attending the church we’ve been working at all week. It was cool to experience a church service in another country even if we didn’t understand most of what was being said or sung. 

Next we stopped by the mall for lunch before heading to a nearby youth center for an outreach program. We led games in stations encouraging cooperative play within and in between the three teams. 

We had dinner at the Shoemakers and had a little wrap-up meeting about what we liked about the trip, what we’ve learned, and the experiences we’ve had. One highlight of that time was a story shared by Traci Shoemaker, about one of the little girls who accepted Christ at camp. This particular kid has grown up in a missionary family, but when they asked her about accepting Christ she told them she just wanted to be Jesus’s friend. Nothing else. But when she talked to Traci about how she had accepted Christ, she told her she wanted to be Jesus’s friend AND follow him. 

Tomorrow we head for the airport first thing in the morning. Since it was the last day, I went around and asked everyone what their favorite parts of the trip were. 

Natalie’s favorite part was getting to know the people on our team and also getting to meet the kids and team here in Portugal. 

Ashlynn loved the feeling of pure joy while connecting with the kids and also sightseeing in Lisbon. Emmeline also loved seeing Lisbon and visiting the historical sites. 

Julia liked walking to the park every day of camp with all the kids and especially liked the water day on Friday. Ryanne also loved the park and riding in the “swagger wagon” aka Hylke’s van. 

Matt enjoyed watching the Brazilian street acrobats perform during dinner in Lisbon Saturday night. 

Zeke really loved Sunday afternoon and playing soccer with some older boys at the youth center, and he also said the “swagger wagon was always a joy.”

Simon and David both really enjoyed playing with Leah Pavoni, who said her favorite part of the trip was playing with Simon. Sophia Pavoni’s favorite part was “almost everything!” But she especially enjoyed participating in the VBS camp. 

Anthony loved leading the kids at camp in the chant every day. 

Daniel really enjoyed the whole week of camp and thought our team did a really great job with it all. Hannah loved watching the progression of how the kids we worked with changed throughout the week- from being quieter to being all in and fully invested in the songs and activities. 

Kim loved seeing Lisbon and watching everyone else on the team get excited about exploring the city together. Hylke really enjoyed seeing individual team members thrive in their spots. 

Please pray for safe travels as we head home. We’ve all had so much fun this week and don’t want to leave, but we’re coming home. Obrigato Portugal! Thank you for such a great week!

Elizabeth Meinders for the team.

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