Portugal 2019 Mission Trip

Highlights of the Trip

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We have reached the end of VBS day two! Today’s theme was When life is scary...Deus e Bom! We started our day with worship again, and continued to teach the kids the camp theme song in English, which they really enjoy. Today’s Bible lesson was the ten plagues and the Israelites leaving Egypt. We acted out many of the plagues in our Bible groups while one of our Portuguese team members played Pharaoh and refused to let us go. The kids loved it!! 

We then walked to a nearby park to play for a bit before lunch. Everyone enjoyed the big rope swing and playing soccer. After lunch and finishing up Lion King we did stations and played some more games before the kids went home. 

Our team finished up the evening by trying a traditional Portuguese dinner of fish casserole, salad, and kale soup. Everyone tried it! Then we headed out to Cascais to walk around and get some delicious gelato before heading back to the hostel for bed. 

Today I asked every member of our team what the highlight of their trip has been, or something that stood out to them. 

Ashlynn has loved being immersed in another country’s culture and people and comparing it to the United States. My (Elizabeth) favorite part has been helping with worship as well as getting to come back to a place that I love and see people I love. 

Julia is loving listening to our translators speak Portuguese and learning a bit of the language herself. Similarly, Emmeline and David like that despite the language barrier, we are all interacting with the kids very well, and they all really enjoy the VBS. 

Many people had comments on Hylke’s driving. Matt and Simon both think the best part of the trip so far was Hylke driving on the wrong side of the road. Julia told me that “Hylke is really bad at driving.” Anthony is also enjoying Hylke’s driving and Zeke said “Honestly, getting lost was fun!” (Don’t worry- everyone has reached each destination safely. So far.)

Ryanne liked going to the park today and getting to know the kids better. Natalie’s favorite parts so far are being silly with the kids and the gps attempting to pronounce all the long Portuguese street names. 

Hylke’s favorite part of the day was the interactions between the kids and leaders during the Bible lesson and he loved how it was so interactive with the pharaoh. Kim’s favorite part is the kids learning the English song. Hannah’s favorite part has been watching everyone working with the kids. She said music time has been really cool with Elizabeth leading even though she doesn’t know the language and the kids are getting excited about it after just two days! On Monday as two of the girls leaving Hannah heard one say “That was so much fun!” and they told their parents they wanted to spend the night at VBS. 

Please continue to pray for the kids and families involved in our VBS! Continue to pray for our health. 



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