Advent Conspiracy 2022

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Advent Conspiracy is a movement, pointing us away from ourselves toward others, away from consumerism toward a generosity that will make an eternal impact in really exciting ways. It is about meeting people’s needs by giving a BIG Christmas gift together as a church family. Through a series of special projects identified by our global workers and strategic local partners, Trinity Church offers a way to bless others worldwide. This is an opportunity to be strategic, planning with others to play an important part in communicating Christ’s love and grace during the holiday season.

It all boils down to love. Love from a Savior and to those around us in need. Exchanging our wants for their needs provides incredible gifts of blessing not just for the winter season, but for many it is a life-long testimony of God’s amazing love for them. We get the privilege of being involved in that blessing!

Advent Conspiracy at Trinity Church invites everyone and their loved ones (kids, relatives, close friends, etc.) to join in the fun. We encourage everyone that normally exchanges gifts to share their opinions and choose a specific project from the list that resonates with their hearts.

The motivation and primary concern when considering which organizations to support is an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many ‘good things' to be involved in, however, the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ is the most needed and the best gift we can give to others. Each of these projects selected will provide support for ongoing ministries, which have as their primary and ultimate goal to demonstrate the gospel both in word and in deed.



$900  Asia Laptop for Business as Mission Factory
Enable an  employee to be trained to do inventory and administrative work for the factory business.

$2,600  Ecuador Bible Study Translation
Translate Entrust’s Discovery Bible Study into spanish

$1,600  Germany Community Bible Study
Provide for
childcare workers to enable women with young children to attend English and German Bible study

$5,000  Honduras Essential Vegetable Garden
Help local families cultivate individual organic vegetable gardens to feed their families and develop small crops for supplemental income.

$6,000  Mexico Loft House
Provide a new home to help make a family’s dreams come true in 2023. 

$4,000  North Africa Community Health Evangelism
Create health videos throughout the year in collaboration with the local Cinema School.

$2,500  Portugal Youth Sports Camp Outreach
Provide sports supplies for the weekly outreach to bridge the gap from sports and games to church involvement in the local church

$12,000  Romania Pastor Intern & Mentoring
Internships to allow new seminary graduates to gain leadership experience and mentoring with Via Church.

$4,000  UC Riverside Destino Latin Outreach
Provide student scholarships for travel to leadership development conference “Legacia”

$2,500  PLURWAY - Rave Outreach
Provide for
expenses at evangelistic RAVE outreaches, including festival tickets, campsites, travel, lodging, and food. 

$2,400  Inherit the Earth - Homeless Outreach
Provide two months rent for The Rescue Shop, an outreach facility, which provides space for counseling and preparation for work-readiness for local homeless persons.

$5,000  Light & Power - Disability Ministry
Continue to add social events and classes throughout the year that are accessible for all, including everyone’s favorite night—the Light & Power Prom!

$2,500    Micah House - After-School Program
Fund supplies and activities for the growing group of middle & high school teens in the program.

$4,000  Olive Crest - Single Moms Safe Housing
500 nights of safe housing for children to assist struggling single moms who are recovering from addiction or domestic abuse

Our goal is to fully fund all of these projects. In order to accomplish this, once a project has reached its specific goal, the excess funds will be applied to another project within Advent Conspiracy. When the total goal has been reached, excess funds will be used to support other ongoing ministries at Trinity Church.