Advent Conspiracy 2018

Try and wrap your mind around some of the following questions: Can you imagine spending most of your life crawling around on your calloused knees to get around? Can you think of what it would be like to know every time it rains your “holy” box is going to leak and you are sleeping in mud? Or, have you ever thought about the need for the love of Jesus to be reaching into the Rave community? Did you also realize that God is raising up a new generation of young adults right here who are ready to be challenged to be lights in this world for Christ? Do you realize that most people with disabilities are not able to attend a local church because the resources are not available to care well for them? These are some of the THEIR needs that we can exchange OUR wants for. Advent Conspiracy was designed to create a fun way for us to collectively provide special funds that will go to help others in need throughout the year.

It all boils down to love. Love from a savior. Love to those around us in need. Exchanging our wants for their needs provides incredible gifts for people who are blessed not just for the Winter Season, but for many of them it is a lasting testimony of God’s amazing love for them. You get the privilege of being involved in that blessing!

Advent Conspiracy is an opportunity for all of us to work together to do something special for those around us this Christmas season. It’s an opportunity to be strategic and plan with others how collectively we may play an important part in communicating Christ’s love and grace to others during the holiday season.

This year Advent Conspiracy at Trinity Church invites everyone to partner with loved ones to provide special opportunities. We can help those around us see this Christmas season a little differently than they have before. Please consider taking some time and invite extended family and friends to talk about the different projects we have and ask what projects you would like to invest God’s resources in. Invite your kids to share their opinions and come up with creative ways to help show God’s love to others this Advent season.

The amount of money determined for each project represents only a portion or percentage of the total amount needed by the participating organizations. Fully funding any particular project is not a practice, however providing a reasonable percentage shows a significant support.

The gospel is the primary concern when considering which organizations to support. There are many ‘good things’ to be involved in, however the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ must be the main thing as we seek to be a witness for our Lord. Each of these projects selected will provide support for on-going ministries, which have as their primary and ultimate goal to demonstrate the gospel both in word and in deed.

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Arabic Resources Literature
$2,000 toward Publication

More information about this ministry can be found on the plaza at the Welcome Center. 

Light & Power Ministry
$5,000 to help with ministry expenses

Light & Power is a ministry that involves those who are affected by disability. During their weekly Sunday morning class of 60-70 in attendance, they enjoy fun worship, powerful prayer time, engaging lessons and genuine friendships. Many social events are available to attend throughout the year. Each year Light & Power hosts a prom for teens and adults with disabilities, caregivers and their families. Last spring over 400 guests from the surrounding community enjoyed hours of dancing and making new friends.

Advent Conspiracy monies are used to cover the cost for social events, fund scholarships for individuals to be involved in other church events and assist with basic needs to class members when their income runs short.

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Mexico Loft House Construction
$8,000 to build three loft houses in 2019

Trinity Church has been partnering with Hands of Mercy and local pastors in Mexico to provide needy families with a new home.

Service Opportunity: March 21-24: Trinity Church will send a team of volunteers to deliver and set up these loft houses. We would love for you and your family to be a part of this mission journey south of the border.

Advent Conspiracy funds will provide three new homes to families to help make their dreams come true next year

Micah House
$7,000 toward continued improvements and resource modernization

Micah House is a Trinity sponsored educational after-school program serving kids 1st to 12th grade in low-income at-risk neighborhoods. Our two locations in north Redlands partner with families and schools to provide literacy education, tutoring, and character development in an environment that is intentionally sharing Jesus!

Advent Conspiracy funds will help complete phase one of the updating and improvement plan for both locations. Plans include addressing paint, windows, doors, flooring issues and maintaining both facilities. This partnership will help kids in north Redlands in a special way next year. 


PLUR Life Ministries
$2,000 to help with Rave Ministry Expenses

PLUR Life Ministries equips Christ-followers to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the young people of this generation who attend massive rave parties, promoted as music festivals. Rob & Colleen Myers, the founders of PLUR Life, first experienced the needs found at raves 10 years ago while observing one that was being held regularly here in Redlands at a defunct water park called Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom. Their hearts were broken with what they saw going on there. They began to gather together teams of older moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas to go to raves, eventually spreading to four states, to share the Gospel, help those in trouble, and rescue those in danger.

Law enforcement estimates that 90% of people attending raves are using illegal drugs, and the teams of PLUR Life Ministries don’t have to look very far to find young people in need just outside of these rave venues. These teams are lovingly called rave moms and dads by ravers whom they have helped over the last ten years. Each rave-goer is given a bracelet that spells out a website,, that shares the Gospel. These beaded bracelets are part of the rave culture and are collected and traded by party-goers as a sign of PLUR to each other: the ravers’ motto, Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Realizing that they are really looking for what can only be found through a relationship with Jesus, the rave moms and dads of PLUR Life Ministries have given out over 72,000 of these bracelets this year alone. Volunteers around the country assemble these bracelets and pray for the person who will be receiving it.

In addition to sharing the Gospel via the bracelets, the rave moms and dads are on hand to help those who are sick, cold, tired, separated from their friends and vulnerable to those who would try to do harm. The rave parents provide blankets, sunblock, cell phone chargers, water, help getting home, and lots and lots of “Free Mom Hugs.” The kids crave these interactions with parent figures.

Advent Conspiracy funds will help get their teams and the supplies they need (entrance/parking tickets, blankets, water, sunblock, bracelets) to the first three local outreaches of 2019: the New Year’s weekend rave that usually draws over 50,000 young adults, the Valentine’s weekend rave, that has an attendance of over 5,000, and the “Beyond Wonderland” rave that usually draws over 60,000 college age kids. All of these will be held at the Orange Show in San Bernardino. For more information, please visit PLUR Life Ministries at


Portugal Church Plant Matching Funds
$2,000 towards Matching Fund Project to equip & train Nationals

Trinity Church has been invested in being “Rooted and Reaching” in Metropolitan Lisbon through the sacrificial efforts of Jonathan & Traci Shoemaker and their children, Katie, Carly, Jonah, and Ellie. The Shoemakers are asking us, as part of their church family, to match funds raised in Portugal to assist a national church planting couple, Tiago & Anabela Aragao and their kids, Leonor, Pedro, and Joao. The funds matched will allow Tiago to switch from full-time secular work to part-time so he can invest the other half of his energies towards the church plant and regional mobilization. The Aragao’s are working hard to raise support on their end with family and friends in Portugal however, raising financial support to do ministry is still a very new concept in Portugal.

Advent Conspiracy Funds will go toward enabling this family to give of their time and energy to focus on “Reaching” the people of Lisbon with the love of Jesus Christ.

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Spain - Agua Viva Building Project
$2,000 towards resources, refurbishments, and supplies

Trinity is planting a church in the south end of Spain through the amazing efforts of JD & Sara Bennett and daughters Sara Ruth and Abigail. The Bennett’s who are part of our overseas Global Worker Ministry Team are now trying to “Reach” this multi-ethnic part of the world. Through much prayer, seeking God’s face, hard work, and persistence, they now have a building 30 minutes southwest of Gibraltar and are looking forward to many opportunities to present Jesus Christ to a nation where less than 3% identify themselves as a follower of Christ with a population of almost 46.5 million people. They have an incredible amount of work to do and have asked Trinity Church to continue to partner in this project with them. The building that they are now renting, to use as a resource to reach into the Los Barrios community, needs repairs and refurbishing and through our partnership they can get it done!

Advent Conspiracy funds will go towards paint, books, cabinets, desks, shelves, and chairs that are needed so they can minister effectively.

$20,000 to invest in “Missions minded” young adults

What will the next generation of missionaries be doing? The Mission Core team has been asking that question and planning for the future, so that we can be proactive in challenging, engaging and informing our young people for God’s calling on their lives. Currently, missionaries are being sent from countries which were once receiving nations like South Korea, Nigeria, India and Brazil. At the same time, technology is advancing at a high rate. Until recently, the Gospel was being proclaimed passively from radio and television, but now it has suddenly become highly interactive with the advancement of the internet, mobile phone applications and video chats.

Given these realities in our world, we are in the process of preparing the next generation of missionaries for a new paradigm of serving the Lord across borders, cultures and languages. Urbana is a massive gathering of young people that happens every three years in St. Louis where they are exposed to missionary sending agencies, theological and missiological teaching, and networking with others who are sensing the Lord’s call.

Advent Conspiracy funds will be used for scholarships to the Urbana Conference at the end of this year.

Joni & Friends: Wheels for the World
$2,000 to restore wheelchairs and spread the Gospel

Wheels for the world collects donated wheelchairs which are then transported to prison-based Restoration Centers across the U.S. where they are restored to a like-new condition. Prison inmates work diligently and with pride to restore wheelchairs that will bring more freedom to others. Restored wheelchairs are shipped to countries like India, Haiti, Ghani, Thailand, and El Salvador, where volunteer teams of disability specialists fit each wheelchair to the recipient and provide training in its use and upkeep. Recipients also receive a Bible in their native language and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Advent Conspiracy funds will go toward costs of materials needed to restore the wheelchairs, shipping costs and Bibles for the recipients.

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Our goal is to fully fund all of these projects. In order to accomplish this, once a project has reached its specific goal, the excess funds will be applied to another project within Advent Conspiracy. When the total goal has been reached, excess funds will be used to support other ongoing ministries at Trinity Church.
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