21 Days of Prayer


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Taking our theme verse for these 21 Days of Prayer, Romans 12:12 (the R12 that is on our Pray It Forward wrist band), I’ve been thinking a lot about the command to ‘persevere in tribulation.’ Like a musical triplet, this … More >>

21 Days of Prayer

This is a very important time in the life of our church family. We are asking you to join in united prayer for Trinity Church for the next 21 days. Please pray for unity, our decisions, and for Todd and … More >>

Needed & Needy

Years ago, former colleague and Trinity member, Rick Langer, made a statement I will never forget. He said that the church is designed by God to be a place where people are both needy and needed. I have repeated that … More >>

Life of Prayer

Hey Trinity Church, thanks for prioritizing prayer together last week. It was one of the best experiences yet of seeking the Lord together. Let us excel still more, especially as we pray for our Pastor Search Team and our next Senior Pastor. More >>

A Prayer Movement

What a delight to see our church united in prayer. We are asking God to empower His people to let His light shine. Jesus promised that if we “ask for anything in His name, He will do it, so that … More >>

Prayer & Fasting

Trinity Church is seeking the Lord’s direction in prayer as we embark on this exciting new year together. January is a month devoted to prayer for our Pastoral Search and our Mission Focus. Next week kicks off a Week of … More >>

Pause and Pray

As a part of a growing prayer effort at Trinity Church, please pause and pray : for our leaders (elders, pastors, search team), for Pastor Next, for the Trinity family (“all the saints”), for the work of God in and … More >>