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Please pray for this team as they do the work necessary to find our next Senior Pastor. If you have questions about the search process or wish to contact the Pastoral Search Team, please email:

DUPREE-LYNN RAELynnRae Dupree –  I am Orange County born but before I started kindergarten our family relocated to the High Desert where I stayed for the next 40 years. In 2002 Doug and I moved to the Inland Empire to be closer to Doug’s job with the San Bernardino City Fire Department. We began attending Trinity Church shortly thereafter and have been members for 13 years. We have been married 26 years.

Being connected to some sort of family owned business pretty much describes my occupational life. We have owned and operated a variety of businesses including an educational supply store, two flower shops, and my personal favorite, a wholesale lumber company, where I spent 15 years. Recent occupations include: Full-Time Grandma, Card Making Instructor, Yard Girl & Pickleball Player.

We’ve had the privilege of serving a variety of ministries here at Trinity Church. For eight years I have been a small group leader in Women’s Bible Study and one year as a Koinonia Leader. Every other month you can find Doug and me hanging out in the Welcome Center after second service. Stop by and say Hi!

KUEHL-DIANE-41Diane Kuehl –  A “farmer’s daughter” from the Midwest, I have lived in the greater Redlands area for over 35 years and been an active member of Trinity Church since 1982. I originally moved to Southern California to serve as a staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as CRU). I then spent 27 years in customer service, training, and consulting with a software/technology firm (started by Trinity’s own Hayne Baucom) that served dozens of para-church organizations. In April of 2014 I took a position as the Associate Director of Development at Forest Home, a Christian ministry in nearby Forest Falls.

At Trinity Church, I have been involved in everything from singles’ ministry, small groups, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, and missions. For over 10 years, I have been a small group leader in Women’s Bible Study and for the past three years, I have served as chair of the Missions Core Team.

In 2014, I participated in the senior pastor search process, as well as the search for a Transitional Senior Pastor, which resulted in Dave Jenkins coming to give leadership to Trinity.

My child is of the “fur-kid” variety … “My Girl Scout” is a 4-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I enjoy gardening, camping, and conversation with friends.

LINN-WALTER-267Walter Linn –  I have lived in the Southern California area since 1976. My wife Gayle and I (both originally Texans) raised our three children here with the help of Trinity Church. They are now scattered out across the country with our nine grandkids, ages 1 to 12!

We have attended Trinity since 1987. During our time here, we have both served in a number of ministries including Small Groups, Men’s and Women’s Ministries, the Worship Team, and Children ministries. I have served as an Elder and have conducted training sessions for Marriage & Family and Pathways ministries.

I currently serve as Director of Genesis Counseling Service with offices in Victorville, San Bernardino and Ridgecrest. For fun Gayle and I enjoy Angels baseball, USC Trojan football, traveling to see our kids and grandkids, and having people in our home.

MCKINNEY-WENDYWendy McKinney –  I have lived in California for 23 years, but if asked, I will still say I am from Colorado. Soon after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, I moved to Redlands. I was hired at Esri, a local computer software company, where I worked for 17 years. I spent 15 of those years as the Events Marketing Manager, overseeing the events Esri attended or hosted globally. One of the highlights was working with dynamic and innovative people companywide to create successful events.

While at Esri, I met Jim McKinney, my husband of 11 years. I retired in 2009 when we welcomed our (adorable) twins, Ryan and Rachel, into the world. This fall, I will begin my 2nd year as a homeschool mom.

I started attending Trinity in 1995 and have been involved with Women’s Ministries most of those years. I have led a Women’s small group for 15 years, participated in the Mom’s Group (TMOMS) for 5 years, and am beginning my 3rd year as Co-Leader of Women’s Ministries. I am grateful for the home Trinity has been to me and my family, and for the many rich blessings, the clear Biblical teaching, and wonderful relationships.

My interests have changed a bit with kids, but I still love to travel, read, and hang out with friends. I’m a scuba diver, Denver Broncos fan, and every now and then I embroider something pretty.

PAVONI-DANIEL-544Daniel Pavoni –  I have lived in Southern California my whole life. I grew up in Murrieta and went to the University of Redlands for four years. I also went to Cal State San Bernardino for my teaching credential and Master’s degree.

I am currently a special education teacher in the Yucaipa School District at Dunlap Elementary. I service students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities and I have loved working with these kids for the better part of 8 years.

I am married to my beautiful wife Hannah of five years and we have a two-year old daughter, Sophia. We also have a baby girl due in December and we are so thrilled to have a new addition!

I have been a member at Trinity for eight years and served in various ministries. Right now I am the Ministry Associate for our Elevate Middle School Ministry. My wife and I have led a young marrieds Koinonia Small Group for four years and I have led and attended other Men’s Bible studies in past years. My wife and I have served in the past on the leadership core for the Young Adults ministry. We also have a huge heart for short-term missions. We’ve had the privilege of serving in Romania, Portugal and Mexico.

I am excited, and humbled, to be on the Pastoral Search Team. I know God has been doing an incredible work already at Trinity and I am eager to see what He will do in the coming months and year through this Team and through our church.

VPeister - webValerie Peister –  I am originally from the East Coast and moved to Orange County as a young child. Soon after I met and married my husband of 23 years, Rod, we moved to Redlands which has been a wonderful place to raise our family. Rod flies as a pilot for American Airlines.

We have attended Trinity Church for over 20 years where I have had the privilege of serving in ministries to include MOPS (now TMOMs), Women’s Ministries, and Micah House. My husband and I have also been blessed by many years of involvement in Koinonia small groups.

Our four children have grown up at Trinity and have been involved with children’s and student ministries including TLC musicals, SonLight Dance, missions trips, and worship teams. Alea is currently a junior at Biola University; Claire attends Trinity Western University; Nate is a high school junior; and Matthew is in sixth grade.

I work as the Director of Community Engagement for the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. I have also volunteered extensively with a number of community organizations and currently serve as the Trinity Community Foundation (Micah House) Board chair. I hold a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA. In my spare time I love to do volunteer work, read, and travel.

DRichards webDoug Richards –  I grew up in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley. After obtaining degrees in biology, medicine, and public health, my family and I moved to Highland where we have been living for the past 20 years. I am a physician specializing in Addiction Medicine and work at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana.

I have been married to Lynn for 30 years and we have two daughters, Lauren and Brenna. Lynn and I have been attending Trinity for 26 years and members for 24 years. We have been a part of several Koinonia small groups. For several years, my wife and I led “Special Parents,” a support group for parents with special needs children.

I have been a Board member at Redlands Christian School and Arrowhead Christian Academy for 12 years and retired last year. Over the course of those years there were two occasions in which our Board needed to identify a new “Head of School.” I have been fortunate to have worked with teams and see God bless efforts that have led to what is now known as Camp TLC at Trinity and the special education programs at RCS and ACA.

For fun I like to play and watch all kinds of sports. I am looking forward to following Jesus and working with this Team as we search for a new pastor.

TINCHER-BOB-309Bob Tincher –  I moved a lot as a child (my dad was a Methodist pastor) but spent most of my life in various parts of California. In 1982, we moved to Redlands where I graduated from Redlands High School and then the University of Redlands. I am a registered Civil Engineer and have worked for the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District for over 23 years. I currently serve as the Manager of Water Resources. Ann was an elementary school teacher before choosing to stay home and raise our children. We have been married for 17 years and have three children: Chloe (14), Jared (11) and Steven (7).

We have been attending Trinity since 2001. Through the years, we have served in a wide variety of ministries, including Men’s Ministries and TMOMs. We have lead Christianity Explored classes, duplicated compact discs, worked at Halloween Happenin’, Camp TLC, Welcome Center and Link boys. I currently serve on the Elder Board and recently served on the Transitional Senior Pastor Search subcommittee.

For fun I enjoy date nights with Ann, spending time with the kids and various outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and camping. Trinity Church has been a huge blessing to our family and we are excited to see what God has in store for the future!

Transitional Senior Pastor Dave Jenkins and Goehner Group consultant, Dennis Baker are working with the team, sharing their years of experience and wisdom as the search progresses. 

Covenant for the Pastoral Search Team

WHEREAS, members of the Pastoral Search Team for Trinity Church have been selected to this position of highest trust and responsibility;

WHEREAS, members of the Team recognize the potential effect of our deliberations and recommendations to the church upon its future mission and ministry in Christ’s Church, the spiritual health and fitness of its fellowship, the teaching of its children and the maturing of its membership in relationships characterized by grace and love; and

WHEREAS, it is acknowledged and confessed that the discovery of God’s will and direction in the calling of a pastor can be confused and complicated by human and supernatural factors not easily understood,

We solemnly enter the following Covenant together before the Lord.

A COVENANT OF PRAYER We will uphold one another in prayer and seek, both separately and together, the clear leadership of the Holy Spirit.

A COVENANT OF HONEST COMMUNICATION We will speak openly, honestly, and respectfully with one another without taking offense. We realize that we need the opportunity to ‘think aloud’ in order to help sort out impressions and responses as we study our church’s needs and evaluate potential candidates.

A COVENANT OF CONFIDENTIALITY We will treat, with confidentiality, Team discussions and evaluations regarding specific potential candidates. We will deal responsibly with privileged information. We will agree in Team on appropriate process and progress reports to the Board of Elders and church. We will not publicly criticize the perspectives or decisions of any other members of our Team.

A COVENANT OF ACCOUNTABILITY We will proceed with ethical sensitivity and thoroughness in all investigative and evaluative procedures in the consideration of any pastoral candidate. If a potential candidate has been engaged in conversation and is later dropped from consideration, we will notify him tactfully in writing in a timely manner. We recognize our accountability to our church and to God for our decisions.

A COVENANT OF UNITY We will present to the Elder Board for its consideration only such recommendations as we can fully support as a Team. Where there are honest differences of opinion, we covenant to work these out before making a recommendation to the Elder Board.

THEREFORE, we enter into this Covenant with our Lord, being led by the Spirit, in order to faithfully discern his will in the calling and selection of a pastor to our church.

LynnRae Dupree, Diane Kuehl, Walter Linn, Wendy McKinney, Daniel Pavoni, Valerie Peister, Doug Richards, Bob Tincher

5.29.16 The Board of Elders Present Todd Arnett
4.17.16 Pastor Search Team Update
3.20.16 Pastor Search Team Update
3.6.16 Pastor Search Team Update
12.20.15 Pastor Search Team Update
11.29.15 Pastor Search Team Update
10.18.15 Pastor Search Team Update

10.4.15 Pastor Search Team Commissioning

9.28.15 Search Process Update

7.19.15 Search Team Announced


6.14.15 Mike Lawrence

Updates from the Pastor Search Team

February 1, 2016

Last December, Bob Tincher announced we were ready to receive the names of potential candidates. Since that announcement we have seen God at work providing names from several sources.

Our consultant, Dennis Baker, has actually considered several hundred names over the past few months. His list includes men who are reaching out to him as they are ready to move on to their next calling. His list also includes those he sense may be ready for a change in ministry and may be a good fit for Trinity – these are men Dennis is contacting. Over the past few weeks he has been trimming his list.

Names have also come from our community and our website. A few weeks ago the total number of names being considered was about 50. Over the past week Dennis and Pastor Dave, our primary screeners, have trimmed this list to 25. The list is dynamic meaning that more names will be considered as they come to us.

Over the next few weeks our team will begin to review the resumes, Pastor Information Forms and sermons of those men recommended by Dave and Dennis. Very soon we will start interviewing. As a team we are excited and encouraged by God’s hand which is stirring the lives of men and their families toward Trinity.

One of the realities God is teaching us is that the number of truly viable candidates is relatively small due to the size and maturity of Trinity. To this we have faith He knows the one He will call. We ask that you continue with us in this journey of faith and discernment.

Some things our team does not know is how many men will move to the next steps of consideration and interview nor do we know exactly when Pastor Next will be identified. What we do know is that God is alive and getting the attention of potential candidates, one of whom will serve as our next senior pastor.

Doug Richards for The Pastor Search Team

January 2016

Greetings, as the Pastor Search Team, we are excited to share an update of our progress with you. We have been working hard to complete some important steps of the Search process. With the help of the Elder Board, Pastoral Staff and you, the congregation, we have finished an Opportunity Profile of Pastor Next. This profile not only gives a “job description” for the position of Senior Pastor, but a snapshot of Redlands in general. It also gives a window into Trinity’s life, past and present. As a team, we want to give a faithful testimony of Trinity Church challenges. Now that this critical piece is finished, we feel confident to move on to next steps, mainly our interviews.

After combing through hundreds of past interview questions from other churches and creating some of our own unique questions, we are ready to sit down with a Potential Candidate. We have gone through two mock interviews to hone our skills as an interview panel and refine our questions to fit our need at Trinity. After many meetings of gathering information, having conversations about Trinity’s past, and discussing our values and vision for our church’s future, we are finally ready to accept suggestions for the position of Senior Pastor. In the coming weeks, we pray that God will guide the congregation and Search team to find Potential Candidates that are a good fit for our church. We are confident God is working in the life of Pastor Next and his family and this process. Our hope is that God cultivates our hearts to be ready for him and receive him.

With all of these exciting events occurring, we keep our eyes on Him who has sustained us all through the entire process. We are grateful for the continued prayers of our church family. Many of you have “not ceased praying” since we announced the formation of the Search Team. Several have participated in the week of prayer and fasting and have focused your prayers on us. Thank you! We encourage you to join us in continued prayer even after this week is over. We know God will be glorified if we humble ourselves and pray in His name. May His face shine upon us as we move forward.

In Christ, Danel Pavoni for The Pastor Search Team

Trinity Church has contracted with The Goehner Group to help assist us in the search process. Dennis Baker will be our Goehner Group Coach/Consultant for our search process and journey.

Dennis Baker

dennisDennis provides churches with pastoral and executive leadership development; executive and pastoral search services; and consultation for ministry transitions.Dr. Dennis Baker is a graduate of Biola University—BA; Western Seminary—MDiv; Denver Seminary—MA; and Talbot School of Theology—DMin. He also completed additional doctoral studies at Bethel Seminary.

Since 1997 Dennis has been deeply involved with ministry consulting and coaching for churches, Christian leaders and Christian organizations as Senior Consultant with The Goehner Group and “Summit Bound.” In addition, he serves as Director of Placement, Transitions and Coaching with EFCA West. He is the author of a widely used and quoted Pastoral Search Manual and has personally equipped and worked with over 400 Pastoral Search Teams and resourced hundreds of Associate Searches.

Dennis serves on a number of Boards for Christian Ministries and with Leadership Journal on the Editorial Advisory Board.

Ordained in 1972, Dennis spent his first ten years of ministry as an Associate Pastor in Christian Education and Youth Ministry in Oregon, Colorado and Massachusetts. The second decade of his ministry was as a Senior Pastor in Minnesota. From 1987-1993 he served the wider Body of Christ as the Regional Executive Director for an association of churches, CBA of Southern California. He ministered as the General Director of CBAmerica, the national association of 1200 CBA churches from 1993-1997.

Dennis recently celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary with his wife, Lynette, who is a registered nurse. They have three adult children: Suzanne Baker of Bend, Oregon; Rachelle (and son-in-law David) Trigueros of Arvada, Colorado, and Meredith (and son-in-law Tom) Wilson, who live in Long Beach… and four grandchildren who enrich their lives.

On Sunday, May 29, The Board of Elders presented Todd Arnett as the candidate to become our next Senior Pastor. Below is his bio. He will be candidating the week of June 5-12. More information can be found here.

Todd Arnett’s Bio
Our Search for “the right fit” of PastorNext for Trinity Church is a faith journey. It is one of prayer, wisdom and humility.  For us it is “Seeking The Lord and His Call.” We are well aware that Pastoral Search Teams tend to “ask a hundred questions” from the Church’s perspective, and give little attention to those of a Potential Candidate.

Candidate Information Packet

Trinity Church - Redlands - Senior Pastor Information Packet Cover -FinalClick on the graphic to the left to open the Senior Pastor information Packet booklet. After reading it, if you would like to take the next step, download and fill out the Personal information Form below and email it to the Pastor Search Team as instructed.

Personal Information Form [PDF]