Pray4 Trinity

We have been called to pray for the Trinity Church and the many ministries and outreach programs that happen throughout the week.

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Pray4 Trinity 9.26.13

Are you ready for God to call on you? As we pray, God will be calling on us to reach out to the people around us to love, serve, share, and encourage. Be praying this week that God gives us … More >>

Pray4 Trinity 9.19.13

The highest good we can do for each other it to pray. Paul began many of his letters with an assurance that he was praying for them. In his letter to the Colossians, he revealed that he was “praying always … More >>

Pray4 Trinity 9.5.13

Fellowship begins with God. Actually, this isn’t true. Since God has always existed and has always had fellowship between the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. So fellowship didn’t “begin.” But our fellowship is rooted in God’s fellowship – He … More >>

Pray4 Trinity 8.29.13

It was a first for me. A lady asked if she could quickly plug her computer into the office outlet because it was low on battery charge. The “quickly” was because she was speaking with her mother on another continent! … More >>

Pray4 Trinity 8.8.2013

Jesus said that we would have sorrow in this world. But He left us with promises: we have the Holy Spirit, we have His words, we have His eternal life, we have each other, and we have constant access to … More >>
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