Philosophy of Ministry

October 26, 2015

Our Purpose: We are a community of Christ-followers longing to glorify God by: loving God, loving people, sharing the Gospel and serving the world.

Our Central Ministry Focus is to empower believers to reach their world for Christ.

Our preferred culture is love expressed in grace and truth.


About disciples: A disciple knows, loves, and follows Jesus Christ. We desire to see God produce disciples who are maturing, serving, and multiplying.


The role of our pastors is to personally model discipleship and to shepherd, oversee, encourage and equip the saints to make disciples under the leadership of Jesus our Head in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Senior Pastor will give direction, cast vision, train leaders, teach from God’s Word, champion our philosophy of ministry, and model healthy discipleship.

Our Elder Board will set broad policies, macro-manage the church, support and encourage the Senior Pastor, and evaluate the general alignment of all ministries with the doctrinal statement, constitution, and philosophy of ministry.

The role of our lay leaders is to model discipleship and our philosophy of ministry, grow in their own ministry skills, and equip others in the congregation for ministry. Leaders will be recognized by their character, giftedness, and availability.

Our church attenders and members role is to pursue ongoing transformation in Christ, be equipped for and serve in ministry, and be engaged in reaching their world for Christ.

Our church will be intentional and strategic about encouraging and affirming every believer in our Purposes, Philosophy of Ministry, Central Ministry Focus and following our Guiding Principles.

Our church will value, support, and empower all believers in their spiritual gifts, abilities, and strengths, and encourage them to utilize their lives in ways that are proactive, creative, and effective in making disciples in their world.

All staff, policy makers, and ministry leaders must be growing disciples committed to the church’s philosophy of ministry.

All leaders of key church ministries will take part in on-going training in their area of ministry and quarterly whole church training for encouragement, alignment, and improvement in their God-given gifts and ministry leadership.


The purpose of every activity in our church should align with our Philosophy of Ministry and our desire to make disciples. We will evaluate activities by their effectiveness and will maintain, modify, or discontinue activities as needed. We will monitor the promotion and multiplication of activities to guard against drift from our Philosophy of Ministry including the ministry of every believer in their world.

Worship services will purpose to unite the church in worship of our triune God. We will meet with God to give Him praise and grow as His followers who worship in spirit and in truth. We will seek to follow biblical guidelines while remaining relevant in our musical styles and use of the arts and technology, and creative in our expression of praise.

The proclamation of the Word of God is essential to our purpose of making disciples who know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. Therefore, our services will include teaching the truth of Scripture, encouragement to love and minister to one another, and equipping believers to reach their world for Christ.

Our decentralized-small groups will be central to our plans of making disciples. Other methods, such as one-to-one approaches, are encouraged but considered supplemental. We will offer small groups at multiple commitment levels to develop a path for growth
in discipleship.

Our evangelism will focus on equipping, encouraging, and empowering all believers to reach their world for Christ. We will also partner in our efforts by teaming-up in places to bring guests, connect with seekers, build into new believers, and provide opportunities
for fellowship.

Our adult fellowships and affinity groups will be places of fellowship and teaching and essential to assimilation.

Membership at Trinity will pursue partnership in the gospel through alignment in beliefs, vision, shared commitments, and the call to love one another as His family. Members will be expected to attend equipping courses on essentials in discipleship including how to reach your world, the ministry lifestyle of a disciple, and the stewardship of time, talents, and treasures.

The management of all ministries will be delegated to the leaders of those ministries, and those leaders will support, encourage, and hold accountable the teams though leadership training and normal disciple-making channels.

Our structure design to make decisions and do ministry will focus on ministries, task forces, and discipleship structures rather than boards and committees. We will seek to minimize our policy makers and maximize the number of persons doing other ministry.


Our Guiding Principles are to be Scripture based, Spirit dependent, culturally relevant, authentic in community, collaborative in teamwork, and inclusive.

We will pursue intentional strategy to accomplish each aspect of our purpose. To accomplish this we will regularly evaluate our plans to our purposes.

We are committed to the principle of multiplication of ourselves by evangelizing, equipping, and delegating ministry to those who are faithful. Where we can, we will use the method of apprenticeship.

We will promote, encourage, and focus on the ministry of the members and avoid the error of focusing on the ministry of a few (e.g. the pastors).

This philosophy of ministry will be pursued in incremental changes over a period of 10 months and take full effect in September, 2016.

This philosophy of ministry will be as binding as our purpose and core values and can only be amended in the same process.