Find a Place to Serve

Find A Place To Use Your Gifts – We were never meant to be the end recipients of God’s blessings. We have been blessed to be a blessing, gifted to gift others. Beginning with fellow believers and extending to the world, we seek to bring God’s love and good news to all people.

The following is a sampler of opportunities to connect with a ministry team. Please prayerfully consider the following list. God will guide you in your process. Please call if you need guidance finding a good fit.

Steve Springsted
Pastor of Community Life
(909) 335-7333, x115

Children’s Ministries Infants – Fifth grade
Contact Kim Simons, (909) 335-7333, x132

  • Co-teach in a TLC Class – Opportunities from preschool through 5th grade available in all services on Sunday.
  • Adult Assistant in a TLC Class – for those adults who are unable to plan & teach a lesson, but desire to serve children on Sunday mornings. Opportunities are available in all services on Sunday.
  • Serve as a “Special Buddy” for a “Kings Kid” – (child with special needs) on Sunday mornings. This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with a family, allowing the parents to attend the Worship Service and the Kings Kid to enjoy time in TLC classes.
  • Check-In attendants and TLC Greeters are needed for Sunday morning services. Training will be provided.
  • Lead worship for our TLC classrooms – from Toddlers through 5th Grade. Our Worship teams serve one Sunday a month. No experience required with instruments, all you need is the desire to lead children in worshiping the Lord!

Student Ministries – Middle School, High School
Contact Middle School Ministries, (909) 335-7333, x154 or HighSchool Ministries, x141

  • Serve as small group leaders and co-leaders for our Team. God has given us amazing growth in recent years. You can make a significant impact in young student’s lives.

Women’s Ministries
Contact Women’s Ministries, (909) 335-7333, x150

  • You can use your gifts and skills in many places (facilitating, sewing, music, crafts, cooking, greeting, et al).

FiftyPlus Ministries
Contact Paul Plaxton, (909) 335-7333, x117

  • Billy Graham Call Center – Meets 1st and 3rd Saturday Nights. Need people to answer phones, set up the phones and computers, bring refreshments or be a part of a prayer team.
  • Visitation Team – Monthly visitation of those who are unable to attend services or who are in the hospital/convalescent care.
  • Monthly Chapels – Need volunteers for set up/ clean-up, greeters, special music presentations, tech people.

Support Groups
Contact Larry Shoemaker, (909) 335-7333, x135

  • Prayer Team – pray regularly for the individual support group leaders, their groups, and for the ministry as a whole.
  • Support Group Leader or Co-leader – We’re looking for men and women who have gone through a painful life experience, struggled with any type of addiction or the addiction of a family member, or any other life trauma who have been comforted and made whole through the grace and love of Christ and His people. If this is you, consider whether the Lord might use you to help others.

Light & Power Ministries
Contact Jeff & Kathi McNair, (909) 215-0577

  • Light & Power is a ministry and a class which includes adults with developmental disabilities that provides loving, biblical instruction to build and empower people in the Christian life. You can help with transportation, reading, cooking, mentoring, and friendship.
More Light & Power Opportunities

Worship Ministries
Contact Worship Ministries, (909) 335-7333, x125 or Bill Born, x118

  • Technology – Help run the sound, video projection, video camera or lighting for worship services.
  • Arts – Facilitate corporate worship at Trinity through music, dance, drama, photography and fine art.
  • Video Team – We are forming a team that would shoot and edit videos for our worship services.
  •  Stage Manager – Help produce the worship services.
  • Worship Center Décor – Help to create the look and feel of our worship space

Safety Team
Contact Steve Springsted, x115 or

  • Join the team that keeps watch during the Sunday services.

Mission and Compassion Ministries
Contact Mission department, (909) 335-7333, x140

  • Micah House – After school program for the children of North Redlands. We have need for Homework Helpers, Story Time Readers, Recreation and Craft leaders. Tell us what your passions are and we’ll help you share them with a child!

Micah House Chapel – Armando Garcia, (909) 747-7447
Micah House Oxford – Lisa Salas, (909) 747-0319

Chinese Christian Fellowship – Dr. Leisure Yu, (909) 794-2825

Welcome Home Team – Martha Daggett, (909) 809-9214

International Friendship Connection (IFC)
Contact Gordon and Cindy Mellis (909) 798-7817

  • Friendship Family – Extend hospitality to an international student or visiting scholar.
  • Transportation – Provide transportation from LAX for an incoming student or provide rides for students to IFC events.
  • Food – Assist with providing food for IFC events.
  • Photography – Photograph IFC events.

Administrative Services
Contact Sheri Blakey,  (909) 335-7333, x111

  • Volunteer – Help the ministry offices any weekdays between 8:00 am-5:00 pm, (all or part of the day welcomed!)
  • Sunday Mornings: Help direct visitors during services and answer phones.

Sunday Morning Hospitality Ministries
Contact Steve Springsted, Pastor of Community Life, (909) 335-7333, x115

  • You can serve on Sunday mornings as Greeters, Ushers, Plaza Hosts, Coffee Team, Welcome Center Team, Safety Team, and CD duplication team (sermon CDs).

Shopping Team: Help round up everything from food to props.

Food Team: Food is a big part of hospitality and atmosphere. This is always a big help.

If you are interested in serving on any of these teams, or would like to learn more, contact Steve Springsted, Pastor of Community Life, (909) 335-7333, x115