Core Values

Our core values represent our guiding principles, the fundamental tenets which define who we are and shape what we do. Our core values do not change, although some of our practices may.

1. The Glory of God
Our highest concern is to honor God. Because God has revealed Himself in Scripture, we glorify Him by handling His Word with respect and integrity, holding it as our supreme authority. This must produce authentic worship, believing prayer, faithful and relevant teaching, and godly lives.

2. The Grace of God
We cannot earn God’s favor. But He has provided all that we need for a relationship with Him in this life and the next through the Lord Jesus Christ. Because grace is the basic operating principle of the kingdom, we need to become people of grace:
a) in our relationship with God
b) in our relationship with others
In practical terms, this means that we major on majors, not minors; that we promote freedoms, not restrictions, and that we value unity, not uniformity.

3. Transformation
a) We believe that God works in people’s lives by His Spirit. We therefore do not need to force or manipulate change in people.
b) We exist to make a difference in people’s lives. We desire to develop fully-devoted followers of Christ, who are honoring Christ as Lord in every area of their lives.
c) We believe that church health is more important than church growth, and that health usually results in growth. Therefore our primary concern will be health.

4. Community
We believe that God intends His people to experience genuine biblical community. We are convinced that commitments matter and that significant Christian growth occurs in the context of significant relationships. An essential component of true community is the establishment of small groups where relationships are formed, love is experienced, care is given and fellowship is realized.

5. Ministry
a) We believe that all believers, not just a few, have ministry gifts.
b) We believe that ministry is the life-style God expects of every believer.
c) We believe that people serve with fulfillment and effectiveness in accordance with their DESIGN.
d) We believe in cultivating giftedness by giving permission, staying flexible and valuing creativity. We are more concerned with effectiveness in ministry than loyalty to traditions.

6. Engagement
a) We worship a God who seeks and saves those who are lost. We are committed to reach lost people with the gospel.
b) We believe that we have a divine mandate to engage our culture with the gospel. This means:
– focusing more on mission and function, than on method and form
– building bridges, not barriers
– being culturally relevant and doctrinally pure
– thinking kingdom, not just church
c) We believe that we are successful only as we are deploying kingdom-agents into our community, who will incarnate and articulate the gospel.
d) The Lord has called us to make disciples of all nations. Therefore people of other cultures and nations are part of our responsibility. We will participate in the great commission by developing a global outlook, by sending and supporting members of our congregation to be involved in planting churches, and by supporting strategic ministries.

7. Church Health
We believe that what we do must reflect the One whom we serve. Therefore we deeply value godly character and personal authenticity:
a) in our leadership team
b) in our marriages and families
c) in our ministry style
d) in our finances
e) in our treatment of people (people are more important than programs)