Advent Conspiracy 2017

A new loft house home for a family living in a discarded wood structure with a dirt floor, a new stroller with functional wheels for a mom who doesn’t own a car and walks to the store for the needs of her family, a neighborhood center for kids that demonstrates love by providing a caring environment where they know they matter, CPR, basic life support training and supplies for people in Africa who are dying from a lack of basic care and resources...

It all boils down to love; love from a savior; love to those around us in need. By spending a little less on gifts, we free up our resources to love as Jesus loves, by giving to those who are in need.

Advent Conspiracy is an opportunity for all of us to work together to do something special for those around us this Christmas season. It’s an opportunity to be strategic and plan with others how collectively we may play an important part in communicating Christ’s love and grace to others during the holiday season.

This year Advent Conspiracy at Trinity Church invites everyone to partner with loved ones in this unique opportunity. We can help those around us see the Christmas season a little differently than they have before. Please consider taking some time over lunch, after church or invite extended family and friends over for dessert and let people talk about the different projects we have and ask why they believe God would have them funded. Invite the kids to share their opinions and come up with creative ways to help support the suggested projects to show the love of Christ this Advent season.

The amount of money determined for each project represents only a portion or percentage of the total amount needed by the participating organizations. Fully funding any particular project is not a practice, however providing a reasonable percentage shows a significant support.

The gospel is the primary concern when considering which organizations to support. There are many ‘good things’ to be involved in, however the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ must be the main thing as we seek to be a witness for our Lord. Each of these projects selected will provide support for on-going ministries, which have as their primary and ultimate goal to demonstrate the gospel both in word and in deed.

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Local School Partnership Initiative
$2,000 to provide playground equipment and books

Trinity Church has an exciting opportunity to partner with Franklin Elementary School in Redlands to provide much needed new playground equipment and new books for their library program! This is a fun way to give back to our community and love our local kids in a tangible way!

Entrust Women’s Training
$3,500 to support Turkish Translation for Training Materials

Corrie McCann has been partnering with another Trinity missionary, to train women in Turkey to facilitate women’s Bible studies. Lacking confidence and skill, Turkish women have welcomed this practical, week-long training from Entrust’s Women-to-Women ministries where they learn to facilitate the study of God’s Word in a life-transforming way.

A huge push forward for this ministry would be the translation of training materials into Turkish so that trained women can return to their churches and train others. Advent Conspiracy contributions will help produce the translations that will open the door to many more Turkish women gaining these skills.

San Bernardino Pregnancy & Family Resource Center
$3,500 to promote sanctity of life

The San Bernardino Pregnancy and Family Resource Center is a Christ centered ministry dedicated to the caring of women and their families with pregnancy related issues. They provide life affirming physical, emotional and spiritual support and resources. Our partnership through Advent Conspiracy will help purchase new strollers, cribs and car seats to bless families coming to their facility for assistance and support, as well as supply monies needed to assist in staffing needs and  qualified health care providers.

Light & Power Ministry
$4,000 to help with ministry expenses

Light & Power is a ministry that involves those that are affected by disability. During their weekly Sunday morning class of 60-70 in attendance, they enjoy fun worship, powerful prayer time, engaging lessons and genuine friendships. Many social events are available to attend throughout the year. Each year Light & Power hosts a prom for teens and adults with disabilities, caregivers and their families. Last spring over 400 guests from the surrounding community enjoyed hours of dancing and making new friends.

Advent conspiracy monies are used to cover the cost for social events, provide Christmas and birthday gifts, Sunday morning snacks fund scholarships for individuals to be involved in other church events and assist with basic needs as needed. 

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Trinity Mission House Refurbishments
$5,000 to replace flooring

Trinity church seeks to provide love and care for our missionaries as they serve the Lord all over the world. Missionaries often return home from the “field” and need a place to stay that allows them to be together as a family and get some much needed rest as well as a time for planning their next trip.

Our church is blessed to provide a home (Bequeathed by long-time Trinity member, Roberta Gibbs) in the north-end of Redlands. It is used by our missionaries when they visit, to relax and be refreshed. Advent Conspiracy this year is focusing on performing “upkeep” of this home. New flooring is especially needed to keep this a warm and special place that communicates our love for them as they sacrifice for the cause of Christ.

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Yleah Africa Medical Mission Project
$5,000 toward training and equipment

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Basic Life Support are common life-saving procedures that are common in America because of the abundance of trained professionals and family members in our communities who can administer these procedures when needed. This is not so in Liberia where preventable deaths occur regularly because people there do not know or have not heard of these lifesaving interventions. Trinity members, David & Dori Yleah, have taken this on as a ministry to change this in the African nation.

During the Summer of 2018, the Yleah’s will lead a team to Liberia in West Africa where they will partner with Trinity missionaries, David & Lucy Kiamu, to equip a core group of trainers in churches, schools, hospitals and the Liberian ministry of health to begin administering CPR when needed to critically ill patients. This will serve as a platform for members of Trinity to reach our world by bringing the ministry of healing to the sick and broken hearted through this project. The Yleah’s will also be traveling with their three children who will be involved in sharing VBS action songs with kids in Africa.

Advent Conspiracy funds will pay for training, licenses required by the American Heart Association, mannequins, videos, supplies and equipment required to conduct training overseas. Trinity’s gift will also be used to pay for transporting the equipment and resources to Africa. The Africa Medical Mission Project 2018 is rooted in the foundation of mending the hearts of the Liberian people in a way that yields an eternal impact.

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Micah House
$10,000 to update and improve both locations

Micah House is a Trinity sponsored educational after-school program serving kids 1st to 12th grade in low income at-risk neighborhoods. Our two locations in north Redlands partner with families and schools to provide literacy education, tutoring, and character development in an environment that is intentionally sharing Jesus!

Advent Conspiracy funds will help complete phase one of the updating and improvement plan for both locations. Plans include addressing paint, windows, doors, flooring issues and maintaining both facilities. This partnership will help kids in north Redlands in a special way next year.

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Mexico Loft House Construction
$12,000 to build three loft houses in 2018

Trinity Church partners with Hands of Mercy and local pastors in Mexico to provide needy families with a new home. This year’s support will provide three new homes to families to help make their dreams come true next year. 

2018 Service Opportunity: March 22-25, Mexico Mission Trip - Trinity Church will send a team of volunteers to deliver and set up these loft houses. We would love for you and your family to be a part of this mission journey south of the border.

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Our goal is to fully fund all of these projects. In order to accomplish this, once a project has reached its specific goal, the excess funds will be applied to another project within Advent Conspiracy. When the total goal has been reached, excess funds will be used to support other ongoing ministries at Trinity Church.
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