My Path


It matters not what men have done
Or the paths that they have trod.
Their yearnings and their failings
Are between them and our God.
What matters most in my life
Is where He’s leading me.
To compare my failures to another’s
Steals power to be free.
What’s needed most is life within
That only God can give;
Not in strength or courage or pride,
But the spark of Christ to live.
Mammons power and pleasure
Are the world’s fond desire
But they’re just wood and hay and stubble
In God’s most cleansing fire.
I’m called to be a witness,
To share God’s grace so free,
To stand full armed and ready
And in battle never flee.
My sins are all forgiven
And now my time is here,
To go to war in full array
And ne’er to hide in fear.

MAXWELLby John Maxwell

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