What Does Our Calendar Reveal?

August 2016 WEB Story Calendar

A writer friend of mine read me the new chapter of her novel as we sat beneath a beautiful old oak tree. When she got to the part where her character finds his deceased wife’s calendar and begins perusing the activities in the months before her death, I was reminded of a similar incident in my own life.

After my beloved auntie’s death I found her calendars for the previous ten years. They began with her giving up her career to stay home and care for her husband during his terminal journey with cancer, and ended with her own journey with cancer. In between, the pages of her calendars were filled with volunteer work, the fun and companionship of friends, and her involvement in our family activities. Her calendars were a beautiful insight into her life.

Our calendars reveal what is most important to us. It made me pause to reflect the contents of my own calendar. My desire is to glorify God, so I want to be sure that my time is spent wisely.

Our Connections team at Trinity Church works tirelessly to produce our monthly magazine that shows the calendar life of our church family. As I looked back over our church calendars during the time Pastor Dave Jenkins so lovingly shepherded us through the transitional season, I found that our calendars met our Mission Statement, “A community of Christ followers, longing to glorify God by loving God, loving people, sharing the gospel, and serving the world.” During our time of transition we have continued to have vital ministries. Trinity church calendar reflects, not just a list of programs, but our desire to glorify God.

As we prepare to welcome Pastor Todd Arnett, we can prayerfully commit to keeping our church calendar focused on glorifying The Lord we love and sharing His Good News.

Since we are half way through the calendar year of 2016, it is a good reminder to check our own personal calendars as well. We might find that we need to re-think some of our commitments.

At the end of the year, it will be fulfilling to look back at our 2016 calendar and see that God was indeed glorified and we will give thanks for The Lord’s guidance in all He navigated into our Trinity Church calendar. Till then, thank you to all who help keep our church calendar and our Mission Statement united.

ArnettBy Linda Arnett

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One Response to “What Does Our Calendar Reveal?”

  1. Gloria Miller says:

    Yes….and please accept my thanks on behalf of ALL who put together the Connections pamphlet.
    And you are correct Linda when you say what we plan and what is in our checkbooks shows our commitment and love of God. I often go through them both to see God’s hand and direction in my life…well said!