Thank You, God, for Camp TLC

Camp TLC 2016 Poem Graphic WEB

Dear God,

Today marks the first.
The first of five days
Has started off strong
And left us in a haze.

First, Lord, I want to thank you
For the wondrous display.
Children have come to laugh and learn
And worship You and play.

Second, please forgive me
For anything I’ve done
That hasn’t shone your love to them
As we started off the fun.

Lord, I ask for cooler weather.
Less than one hundred would be nice.
The temperature is miserable.
Or maybe, God, more ice?

Please give me your great love
To show to all I see.
I want to give them all of you.
They don’t need to see me.

Peace, I also ask for
As I’m going through the day.
Chaos and confusion interfere
But, God, you guide the way.

I need strength as well, my Lord
As I try to carry on.
Physical, emotional, spiritual.
Please, I need them all.

Lord, help me to be kind to them
And to other staff as well.
It’s easy to get mad at them
And on negative thoughts dwell.

Let me be a light this week
As children are introduced
To your great love and family.
Be the light that I produce.

Thank you for these children
Their hearts are big, I know.
Protect them, love them, guide them
As we carry on this show.

Please be with the staff this week
As we struggle through our lives.
Help us be your tools to love
And help us through hard times.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name.

By Victoria Hickman

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One Response to “Thank You, God, for Camp TLC”

  1. Gloria Miller says:

    Beautiful Victoria!! Lovely, heartfelt prayer for TLC Camp….my prayer too!