Introducing Todd Arnett

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After a 3-year search, Todd Arnett was presented to the congregation as the next Senior Pastor of Trinity Church. June 19, the congregation overwhelmingly voted yes to the call, and Todd Arnett accepted that call. Todd will begin leading Sunday worship services on August 7.

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50 Ways to Love Your Pastor

Todd Arnett’s June 5 message

Todd Arnett’s June 12 message

A huge thank you to the Pastor Search Team and Board of Elders for all their hard work, many hours of service and diligence during this process. They were faithful to follow God’s leading, be prayerful and trust the Lord throughout the process. It is exciting to now say, Look what God has done!

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3 Responses to “Introducing Todd Arnett”

  1. Betty Jane Born says:

    I am grateful to the spouses of the Search Team who gave of themselves over and above freeing the team for the many hours of meetings, interviews, sermons, updates to small groups, etc. that was required of each member. I am still prayerful, but expectant and anticipating the Arnetts arrival.

  2. June Hedlund says:

    I deeply appreciate the pastoral team, staff, Elders and Search Team who faithfully served the the body of Christ over the past three years. By the grace of God we are all stronger in our faith and now look forward to having Todd and his family with us.

    I believe we are ready to move forward together and rejoice that Todd begins his ministry this Sunday, August 7th. We will continue to uphold them as a family as they transition into life here.

  3. Art Liebman says:

    Just like spring of the year. . . . . . . looking forward to a new beginning. May the Lord help us to do it right with our new pastor.