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There are three things in life you see,
“What was,” “What Is,” and “What Will Be.”

“What Was” are memories sweet, an yet,
To live there causes pain, regret.

The “What Will Be’s” are future,
Full of hope and precious dreams.

But to dwell in all that is to come
Is to drown in futile schemes.

“What Is” are those I love, alive,
Tender voices, warm to feel.

“What Was” are memories, voiceless,
Ever same, but never real.

“What Is” has power, strength at last,
To change the future, bear the past.

I am “What Is,” I’m not “What Was,”
I know not “What Will Be,”

I live to be the best I am
With the “Now” that’s given me.

“Now” is God’s great gift. Trust the Lord; pray; begin the day with His Word; forgive yourself; hug your spouse; raise your babies; take walks; sing in the shower; help the weak; feed the hungry; above all, praise the LORD for the moment and end the day with thanksgiving. (John 14:6/John 3:16)

MAXWELLby John Maxwell

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