Prayerfully Seeking the Lord in 2016

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A few weeks ago, the young adults leadership team had a weekend retreat where they studied prayer in the scriptures. Time and again they read and re-read the phrase “prayer and fasting.” Dave Wilson, who oversees the Young Adult ministry, said, “I thought it would have been an easy topic to discuss, practice and then move on. But something very profound happened among the young adult leadership team. They all felt led to ask the pastors, elders, lay leaders and the rest of the congregation to enter into a season of prayer and fasting, specifically to pray for Pastor Next, the next season of ministry, and the spiritual health of Trinity.”

We have high hopes for 2016 as we anticipate calling our next Senior Pastor. We want to be a people prepared, moving with anticipation and expectation for all God will yet do in and through Trinity Church. To that end, January 10-17 will be a week of prayer. We encourage all to spend time individually and with their small groups seeking the Lord for his direction for our church family. The week will begin with a Concert of Prayer, January 10, 4:00-5:30 pm and end with a church-wide celebration on the Courtyard between our Sunday morning services on January 17. During the week we will send out a daily email or text with a short prayer focus for each day.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that can aid to focus our prayers. Fasting humbles me in my need and directs my appetite toward God as I spend time praying when I would be eating. While Jesus never commands his followers to fast, he assumes that fasting is a part their religious life. Last summer, Dave Jenkins taught us about prayer and fasting from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, specifically Matthew 6:5-18. Jesus teaches that fasting is to be done in secret. It is only for the Father to see and he will reward you. Acts 13 shows an instance where five church leaders were “worshiping and fasting” together. Each individual and small group ought to respond as the Lord leads.

Here are some of the fasting options recommended by our Young Adults:
1. Fast an entire week with water alone or do a juice fast with around 600 calories per day.
2. Fast for 3 days beginning on Thursday evening or for only one day during the week.
3. Fast by only eating one or two meals a day.

We believe that our week of prayer will unify us through what we are asking God to do. Our desire is that it will strengthen and expand our dependence upon the Lord in prayer and bring glory to the One whom we seek. Remember that his promise to us is this, “Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (Matthew 6:6,18)

Bill Born, Pastor of Worship Ministries

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