God Chose Them – That First Christmas

They had no social status – they were marginalized.
Mary was labeled a sinner and was stigmatized,

The shepherds were dirty and smelling of sheep
They understand not the Magi’s way of speech!

Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus became Refugees –
Warned by an angel they fled to Egypt seeking refuge!

Jesus came to minister to those in need
To remove sin’s curse, on the cross he did bleed.
He came to the poor, the sick, and the oppressed
By His grace and His compassion they were blessed.

Today the Choice is ours!
Sufficient in our own ways – we turn Him away.
Thinking we are not poor – from Him we do stray!

Poor, helpless, and spiritually blind
He offers new life by His design –
Choose life for you and your children
Spend eternity in heaven.

By June Hedlund

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