Fear Not

FearNot StoryMary, a virgin, thought she had nothing to dread.
Engaged to Joseph, she was soon to be wed.
Then, suddenly an angel enters her sphere
And delivers a message; the meaning was clear.
She was favored of God and would deliver His Son.
Her response, understandable to anyone.

“I’m troubled,” said Mary, “I don’t understand.
I’ve not known a man—is it truly God’s hand?”

“Fear not,” said the angel, “for your Son will be known
As Son of Most High and will sit on His throne.”

Joseph and Mary had been sexually pure,
So when startling news came, it was hard to endure.
Joseph found his betrothed to be with child,
Sought a secret divorce, so Mary wouldn’t be reviled.
While pondering this choice, an angel came in a dream,
Telling Joseph that things were not as they seemed.

“I’m perplexed,” Joseph must have thought in his soul.
“Can it be true? What is the child’s role?”

“Fear not,” spoke the angel, “for He’s direct from God’s Spirit; He will save your people, so no need to fear it.”

Zacharias and his wife, both righteous in God’s view,
Were loyal and aged and childless Jews.
While praising the Lord during his priestly service,
One day something happened that made him quite nervous.
“Your prayer has been heard,” came a voice near the altar.
‘Twas an angel from God, whose message didn’t falter.

“Fear grips me,” thought Zacharias,
and his heart it was frightened;
The promise from the angel would soon leave it lightened.
“Don’t tremble,” spoke the angel, “for you will have a son.
He’ll prepare your people for the Promised One.”

In the region where Mary and Joseph went to be polled,
Were shepherds one night, watching their fold.
The dark sky lit up with the Lord God’s own glory;
They were chosen to hear a true, wondrous story.
An angel proceeded to tell joyous news
That was for all the people—how could any refuse?

“We’ve great fear,” showed the shepherds
on each of their faces.
“Could this news really benefit all of earth’s races?”

“Fear not,” spoke the angel, “For I’ll give you a sign.
A Savior’s in a Bethlehem crèche, by design.”

Four times folks were fearful, not knowing why they
Were visited by God, yet they chose to obey.
Four times God’s messengers gave them reasons to trust,
For His plans and purpose are good; that’s the thrust.

Many years have passed since the angels proclaimed
Good News to those servants, and none were ashamed.
Though they weren’t expecting God’s message to come,
As God-fearing people, they found it welcome.
So we should be open, when God’s will should appear,
To follow His leading and trust and not fear.

Matthew 1; Luke 1 & 2

DonnaWalkerBy Donna Walker

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