A Handmade Christmas

Handmade Christmas Story

Over the past decade the women of Trinity Church have gathered Christmas gifts for the students of our Micah House After School Program. But, these gifts are not to be received they are to be given.

Each Christmas students are given the opportunity to “shop” for mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and aunts and uncles at no cost to them. Students who regularly participate in homework help and tutoring at Micah House have the opportunity to select and wrap gifts for their family members from items donated by Women’s Ministries. Students take pride in surprising their family members with presents procured without the help or funds from parents.

Volunteers from Women’s Ministries take students one on one through the make-shift store with lists in hand. Students look through the donated offerings that include candles, jewelry, small tools, flashlights, and gizmos for boys. Students then select what they want to give each family member.

In a world full of electronics and on-demand products homemade gifts have taken a backseat. This holiday season a group of seamstresses is shifting the focus. This year they are adding handmade table runners, blankets and pillowcases to the store.
“When you receive a gift that is handmade it has more value.” says Ramona Radsick, one of the quilters contributing handmade items this year.   A handmade gift “means love and comfort” she continues. “It does not take a lot to make something and it carries much value”.

The idea of donating hand-made items came several years ago as Ramona needed gifts to give her grand-childrens’ teachers, helpers and bus drivers at Christmas. It sparked the idea to make gifts for the Micah House kids to give their families.

Now there is a group of woman who dream of starting a sewing ministry in the communities surrounding Micah House. The sewing circle would be held at Micah House and be a place where interested folks could gather to sew for the community. As they create together there would be opportunity to hear about the Creator. There would also be an opportunity to teach sewing to the Micah House students. The women have also donated crafting items to assist students in creating presentations for school projects.

Once students are finished shopping at the Micah House Christmas “store” the volunteers assist them in wrapping the gifts. This year, hand-decorated gift bags will be made and donated by attendees of the Women’s’ Christmas Celebration.
Providing the store is a group effort and creates an opportunity to give students pride in giving. We give because we have received so much. The Micah House students see this first hand and hopefully catch a glimpse of the one who gave all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in sewing with the Micah House community throughout the year please contact the Micah House office at (909) 335-7333, x149.

By Alison Anderson

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