Praying For Pastor Next

Senior Pastor Search - webFall is in full swing here at Trinity Church and the Pastoral Search Team is hard at work to find “Pastor Next”. As we have met these past two months, we are reminded of where Trinity has been these last three years and have prayed for vision in seeking our next Senior Pastor. We are excited to share our own stories of what Trinity Church has meant to all of us, as well as our own faith stories.

With the leadership of Dennis Baker, our coach, our team has worked through some initial training and first steps as a team. Along with the Elders, we are creating a profile of what we as a church are looking for in our next Senior Pastor. We have studied other churches in their transitional times and what successful Pastoral Search Teams have done in the past. Additionally, we have received and have been studying dozens of documents from other search processes including process flow charts, profiles, practice interviews and many others. We have talked through some of the difficult issues that Trinity Church has faced in the past few years, and what we as a team can learn from those times.

As part of our training we have looked at each step of the process that typical Search Teams go through. We are trusting in this process, which has been proven trustworthy in hundreds of churches. Lastly, each of us on the team has invited others to take part in personal prayer teams. We truly believe a successful Senior Pastor search will not be possible without the consistent, fervent prayers of our church family.

We invite you, as a congregation, to join us in praying for the following

  • For our Team as we prepare a “profile” of Pastor Next, a comprehensive look at what we as a church are looking for in our next Senior Pastor.
  • The mental, physical and spiritual health of each member of our search team.
  • Our consultant Dennis Baker, from the Goehner group as they search, on our behalf, for potential candidates.
  • The spiritual battles that are occurring as we speak. Each member of our team is vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks as we pursue this holy calling.
  • Time management for each member of our search team as this is a big sacrifice for many of us and our families.

Our Father in heaven knows who is the next man for our church. Whether he has heard God’s call or if he has yet to hear, we are confident the Holy Spirit is already at work. We invite you to pray for him and his family, whomever he may be. We wait expectantly for God to complete the work that He has already begun.

For His glory,

Daniel Pavoni and The Pastor Search Team

To learn more about the search team and the search process, Click Here.

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