Solar Is Up!

Solar is finally up and running! We are anxious to see the savings from this project become a reality. But what happened in the meantime? As the summer months got closer and the solar project got delayed, we realized there were things to be done to cut down on usage and save money.

What did we do?
On June 15, we adjusted thermostats from 72° everywhere to between 75° and 77° depending on location and usage. For unoccupied parts of campus (i.e. the sanctuary during the middle of the day), thermostats were set to 88°.

On July 2, the facilities team replaced over 200 worship center lights with LED lights, which use 20% of the electricity of the former incandescent bulbs.
The communications team made signs to raise awareness about closing exterior doors and turning off lights when leaving rooms.

What were the results?
In about 40 days since we made the switch on June 15, electricity usage dropped by almost 17%. And, as the graph shows, we saved over $5,700 compared to the same time frame last year.

Electricity Chart

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3 Responses to “Solar Is Up!”

  1. June Hedlund says:

    We rejoice with you in good stewardship.

    My concern is that we can find a suitable way to stop the mud slides when we have good rains. So I am praying to that end.

    • Bruce Herwig says:

      June, Thank you for your prayers. We have a team working on erosion control. Several temporary measures have already been taken…and more permanent ones are in the works. – Bruce Herwig, Pastor of Communications

  2. Gloria Miller says:

    Just a few changes make a BIG difference! So happy to see these changes and like June said good stewardship!