Solar Update

Good news!

After a lot of seeking bids, contract  negotiations, and legal review, we have a contract signed with Alpha Energy to complete our Solar project.

We were able to arrange for this with only a slight increase in the total cost to Trinity, after the initial contractor became insolvent..

Their plan is for the system to be installed in the next 45 days. It will take some time after that to get the final approvals from the utility to actually hook into the grid.  (PTO – Permission To Operate.).  The push is to beat the summer heat and AC bills.

Keep praying…

We still are working on an arrangement to cover the Demand / Control portion of the deal, which helps to hold down the rates we are charged for any power used from Edison.

Ken Frizzell
Business Manager

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One Response to “Solar Update”

  1. Roger Hedlund says:

    Good news! Some of us had wondered what became of the Trinity SOLAR Project. Thanks for keeping us informed. Let’s pray us through and over the remaining hurdles. We have hope, because HE LIVES !