Congregational Forum Update

Congregational Forum UpdateOn behalf of all the elders, I want to thank the congregation again for putting forth the effort to share with the EFCA West (Mark Wold, Bob Osborne and Rick Alvord). It truly has been an incredible couple of months.

If you missed Sunday night, you missed a very important time in the life of Trinity Church. I know Mark, Bob and Rick were taken back by the congregations gracious response and support and believe we have a good foundation to move forward. So, together, let’s get going! We have ‘48’ points to work on!

Bob Tincher is leading the subcommittee of the elders to find an interim senior pastor. The elders and pastors are working with him to pull together the team. We are hoping that they will be able to meet together on Sunday to begin the process. Even now, new possible names are being put forward as candidates.

We must strengthen the elder board. So please, forward to the elders names of men of deep moral character who are actively demonstrating leadership in ministry at Trinity. We would love to bring on experienced men now and then during the first six months of next year, mentor new men to be added in July. Please place your name and the nominees’ names on a comment card, drop-off at the front office or e-mail The deadline to submit names is Thursday, November 6.

Remember Trinity… the clock is ‘not our friend’ … we are holding on to a compass. The compass tells us where to go and if we are moving in the right direction, then time will take care of itself!

Mike Lawrence
Elder Chairman

PS. For those who were unable to attend, copies of the recommendations are available at the Welcome Center or church office. A copy of the full 26-page report is available to be read in the front office during business hours. As was explained on Sunday, this is a “family document” and we want the findings to stay within the family.

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