Membership Check

Membership CheckAfter many months of prayer and seeking God’s direction for Trinity Church, we are anticipating the presentation of the new Senior Pastor candidate in the very near future. The pastoral selection process is nearing its completion and we encourage each Trinity member to pray even more diligently and contribute to the pastoral calling process through voting.

With the upcoming Congregational Meeting and vote, our constitution is clear that only official “members” (those that have attended First Base, been interviewed by an elder and approved) are able to cast their vote. To ensure we are compliant with our constitution, we will be asking members to check-in as they pick up a ballot.

To ensure there are no surprises on the day of the vote, all members are being asked to confirm their member status by verifying their name on our current member list. This list will be located outside near the Welcome Center, June 22-July 6. If your name is not on the member list and you believe you are a member, please call Lisa VanGreuningen, (909) 335-7333, x111. Your information will be given to the elders for further research.

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