Solar Vote #2

Solar Insert Vote #2 webWhy Is A Re-vote Needed?

As we had reported, the Solar project had passed earlier this month. The spirit of the vote was very positive toward solar. The ballot listed 3 very specific things, including the exact amount of the expected rebate, the interest rate and the total cost of the project. Unfortunately the rebate tier we expected was oversubscribed, reducing our rebates by approximately $24,000.

Is This Project Going To Cost More Than Originally Projected?

The bottom line is NO. To help minimize the lost rebates, we have been able to negotiate a better financing package which still makes this project worth pursuing. In addition, the solar company is holding their costs the same, even though the price of solar panels have increased. The elders believe that the spirit of the vote was to move forward with the solar plan and are in favor of the new financing plan as proposed. Because the specifics of the original motions changed, the elders are asking for a new vote so that we can move forward before the rebates change again or the price of equipment increases. Solar Proposal [PDF] Lease Analysis [PDF]

When Is the New Vote?

Tuesday, July 8 6:30 pm Optional Q&A 7:00-7:15 pm VOTE Room M102

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