Joel Flasschoen Update 1.14.14

Joel SurgeryDear Friends,

Thanks for your prayers and support. God really answered!

Joel’s procedure actually started around 9am, and they were stitching him back up at 12:30pm–making the whole thing only 3.5 hours instead of the expected 5. Still plenty long, though! The surgeon was able to remove all the parts of the tumor she’d hoped to, leaving behind only little fibers that had gone into the memory area. Preliminary diagnosis is that it is a Stage 1 or 2 low-grade tumor, and that most likely, Joel won’t have to do any chemo or radiation. So all he needs to do now is recover from surgery. In all, it went as well as it possibly could.

Joel is such a trooper! He came out of surgery able to talk, remember everyone, and carry on an intelligent conversation. And keep his sense of humor. Also, he’s in a lot of pain. I could tell he has a bit of anxiety that the surgery will have caused memory or speech lapses. Please pray that he’ll continue to heal well, and that God would quiet his anxieties. He’ll be in ICU tonight, and then it’s down to the main floor till about Saturday.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We are so blessed by you in our lives.

The Flasschoens

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3 Responses to “Joel Flasschoen Update 1.14.14”

  1. Kathi and Jeff McNair says:

    We are praying for a complete healing and are so encouraged with the news!!!

  2. Jay & Judy Zercher says:

    Thanks for the UCLA surgery news on Joel. Judy and I have been praying daily for a miraculous healing for Joel. Let the physicians do the possible, let God do the impossible. Our God is able

  3. Tim and Jean Timmerman says:

    Thank you for the news about Joel. We have been bringing him up in prayer each day, asking for God’s special healing. Will continue to pray for complete healing and for coping with the pain.