Always Ready

Steve SpringstedJanuary 2014

Jesus’ disciples had just returned from a challenging journey of preaching the good news (Luke 9). They were tired and Jesus suggested that they walk to a nearby town. There they could rest and debrief. But “the crowds followed” and Jesus “welcomed them.”

Not only did he welcome them, but he and the disciples spent the entire day speaking to them about the kingdom of God and healing people. This meant no rest and no down time.

As it was getting late, when the disciples were tired and hungry, they suggested to Jesus that he send the crowd away. Sounds logical, but this was not God’s plan. Instead, Jesus said, “You give them something to eat.”
The disciples weren’t ready for this. They found a paltry amount of bread and fish and presented it to Jesus. He multiplied the food, thousands were fed and introduced to Jesus. What a great day!

Today, we’re still walking through life with Jesus. We too, are commissioned to make disciples, to help people come to know Him. Every day, we have a choice to be ready to “welcome” and “give something” to the hungry people God puts in our path. Jesus will multiply our loaves and fishes and produce the greatest of all miracles; eternal life through Jesus, the bread from heaven.

Steve Springsted
Pastor of Community Life

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