#TrinityPrays – Saturday 11.16.13

Chatting with a friend last week I realized that when I pray, I sense that the Lord begins to put his agenda on my heart through the leading of the Holy Spirit. His ideas begin to flood into my mind. He puts some unseen items on (or removes others from) my ‘to do’ list. For me it usually has to do with contacting someone to show care, concern or apologize when I’ve hurt them. Usually it’s because I’m praying for them. When I pray throughout my day, I better keep in step with Spirit, evidenced by exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit in my life. “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25)

Not only do I experience this personally but also when I pray with others. Some of my best memories of my early years of marriage were long walks with my wife Julie, where we prayed and talked to each other the whole way. It was as if God was not only a part of our conversation, but in a sense leading it, the three of us talking together in a very natural way as we walked. Whether praying individually today or planning a prayer walk or meeting with someone this week, allow the Holy Spirit to direct your conversation, your thoughts and your ‘to do’ list.

Bill Born
Pastor of Worship Ministries

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