#TrinityPrays – Thursday 10.24.13

The need to Praise God resides in our souls. We travel the world to see the wonders of His creative mind. Telescopes and microscopes makes us say “Wow!” And one look at a newborn brings tears of joy. We’re designed to marvel at the works of our great God.

As wondrous as creation is, the pinnacle of His works is redemption. Psalms 111 reads, “He provided redemption for His people;” He is “gracious and compassionate” and “remembers his covenant forever.”

Father, You are marvelous in all that you do. Help me today to keep my eyes on you and delight in your righteousness and love. Thank you for including me in your forever family. Help me to study your holy and awesome name and praise you for your great works.

Steve Springsted
Pastor of Community Life

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