Pray4 Trinity 8.29.13

It was a first for me. A lady asked if she could quickly plug her computer into the office outlet because it was low on battery charge. The “quickly” was because she was speaking with her mother on another continent! These long distance skypers couldn’t be together, but could still maintain their relationship.

Jesus taught us that we would dwell with God, but in the present we can freely skype with Him through prayer. As our Father, God wants us to enjoy fellowship with Him by praying throughout the day. We know what He is like because Jesus revealed Him. We know that when we pray, He listens, He acts, and He testifies with our spirit that we are His children. What a grand privilege.

Please join us as we pray for the following:

  • For Trinity Church to “Follow Jesus” with greater passion to love and follow Him
  • For People who chose to follow Jesus at the Harvest Crusade to continue in faith
  • For our young adults in Middle and High School as they build bridges on campus
  • For our college ministry (Praxis) that meets at University of Redlands and for our new Director of College Ministry, Corey Schwarz
  • For “Connect Month” at Trinity as we connect in community groups, join ministry teams, and reach out to the Inland Empire


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