A Time for Everything


This is an update on things as they are as get ready to leave for Canada on Sunday.

Thank you again for praying for all the details we have included in our prayer letters over the past few months. The Lord has gone before us and faithfully stands behind us even now.

In spite of Janice’s emergency appendectomy 10 days ago, she has rallied well, eluding infection. Tonight she finishes her fourth chemo session, just in time to be free to travel to Canada. Each of the four physicians she saw this past week said ‘this is the time to go and enjoy!’

Please give praise…

  • for the stability of Janice’s brain this month
  • for the ‘ok’ from Doctors to travel

Please pray…

  • for safety on the highways, continued good health for Janice the entire trip
  • and for happy times in a crowded space J (we are driving)

I am adding my brother to your prayers today. Some reading this know him; others have prayed for him as he began his battle with colon cancer 1 ½ years ago. He arrived in Vancouver a month ago but has been ill. Surgery on Thursday revealed the cancer had spread and his days are limited. That has realistic implications since he has lived in Chile as a missionary for 57 years and not in our home town.

Please give praise…

  • for the Lord’s timing – that we will see David and his wife – this is the Lord’s doing!

Please pray…

  • for comfort for him as his pain is very strong and wisdom for the Doctors
  • for a happy time of rejoicing in the Lord’s things with David; he is someone we love deeply

In spite of the need we all have to organize, re-arrange or manipulate, we are discovering once again that not one of can hurry, maneuver or force God’s hand to do what He has not willed to do. His timing is perfect and no one can every improve on it. Ecclesiastes 3 celebrates that fact, listing  28 things we all do or will do that are ultimately overseen by God. This week, we are glad for that.

‘There is an appointed time for everything…a time for every event under heaven.’ (Ecclesiastes 3:1 and Galatians 4:4)

Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ our Savior, Gary & Elizabeth

P.S. This will be the last update posted on the Trinity Church website. A special thanks to Bruce Herwig, Pastor of Communications, who has graciously posted these updates so the Trinity Family can pray. If you wish to continue to following our journey, when we get back from vacation, we will post updates on our new website www.InrigMinistries.com.

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2 Responses to “A Time for Everything”

  1. Rayna Pfau says:

    Thanks for the update. I will be praying for all of you as you take this trip to Canada. Our trip was great and we did enjoy seeing our daughter and family. Blessings on your family. Rayna

  2. Jerry and Eunice Hamill says:

    We will be praying for you as you travel, that God will protect you and give you good times with family and friends. We pray that it will be a meaningful time for all of you and that Janice will hold up well through it all.