Janice Update 7.19.13

July 19, 2013


I appreciate the opportunity to send an update on Janice this week and to thank you for your continued prayers for her and the family.

Many of you have asked regarding the result of the MRI on July 1 and 3. We have not yet met with the neurosurgeon or oncologist but we spoke to the radiologist in charge and received the informal comment that the picture looks stable at this point with no need to change the present treatment. We are deeply grateful to the Lord for that since it is definitely an answer to our prayers. We will know more details after this morning when we meet with Janice’s oncologist. If there is something to add, we will share it.

Many of you may not know that the reason we did not see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday was because of an emergency appendectomy Janice had on Sunday after 24 hours of being sick and time in the ER. The early Sunday a.m. CAT scan showed a very sick appendix. At 9:30, as surgery began, it ruptured. But she is now without her appendix and recovering at home.

We have given the Lord thanks for a number of things.
1. The seeming stability occurring in her brain due to the Lord’s good Hand on her and chemotherapy.
2. The fact that her appendix went south while we were here in California! If this had happened in Canada in August, things would be far more complicated.
3. The OK from the surgeon that the long waited for vacation in Vancouver and Calgary, places Janice wants her children to see because they were ‘home’ for her until 1992.
4. For opportunities to speak of the Father’s mercy to us through ways we can’t imagine but ways that allow us to speak well of Him.

We are asking the Lord for His mercy and grace in these areas:
1. A timely recovery from the appendectomy; Janice wants to get back to work so she won’t use up any sick/vacation days!
2. A good report from the oncologist so the planned protocol of five days of chemo can be continued.
3. A safe trip and delightful time with our family in Vancouver and friends in Calgary. We are driving so there will be some fast days on the Interstates!
4. For the Lord to open doors as we continue to follow the Lord Jesus; we desire to ‘fish for men’ not only read about how to fish! This is a sincere prayer we ask to you pray as we look at our neighborhood and other areas of need for the gospel.

Love in Christ,

Mark 1:17 ‘Follow me and I will make you to become fishers of men.’

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5 Responses to “Janice Update 7.19.13”

  1. Sandy says:

    Abundant refreshing that only the Lord can give as you travel, a memorable time with David and all the family, Trust, safety, encouragement and REST.

    blessings, Lord bless you!
    In His love and fellowship,

  2. Kathi McNair says:

    Praying for all on your roadtrip to Canada! I have so many fond memories of times in the car with my parents when I was young and the many long driving trips we made with our own kids. Lots to see across the states on the way up north and memories to build for sure :) Drive safe, bring lots of snacks and don’t forget the portable DVD player(s). Ha!!! Kathi McNair

  3. Margaret Sweeney says:

    Continuing to pray for all of you. Honk when you drive through Seattle and I’ll wave from Poulsbo!

  4. Gloria Miller says:

    Timing is everything………thanking the Lord for his hands upon Janice to reveal the need for surgery on her appendix!! So excited for you all to take a journey on the road with the family. What a special time it will be and my prayers are with you all. Please say hello to Conner for me and tell him I think about him all the time!

  5. Rayna Pfau says:

    Thank you for sharing with us, the Lord often brought you to mind while we were in on our vacation. I am so thankful for the good reports and will keep you in prayer that your time away will be full of wonderful time spent together and seeing your blessed friends and family. Sending my daily prayers your way. Remember…”when fear knocks, let FAITH answer”. Rayna