Servant Celebration 2013

We were taken on an “Unexpected Journey” to Middle Earth as we celebrated all those who serve in the ministries of Trinity Church. Enjoy these photos and videos as we relive the highlights of the evening.
Click below to watch VIDEOS.eNews---Servant-Celebration

Click below to view PHOTOS.SS 2013


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One Response to “Servant Celebration 2013”

  1. Brad L. Smith says:

    For Mark Brown,

    I thought this was the best written Servant Celebration offering ever! Congratulations! Not only did you highlight and honor the ministries of Gary and Elizabeth in a highly creative manner, but it was also a hoot to watch. In particulary, the medley of songs and your trio’s performance were a show topper! Thanks for your one-on-one encouragement for me to attend. I was both blessed and entertained.