Brain Surgery Needed For Our Daughter Janice

images1/3/2013 Monday afternoon, we took our daughter Janice to Urgent Care because of a terribly painful headache she had had since Wednesday of the previous week. After a number of hours there and in ER, a cat scan showed she had a swollen left side of the brain. An MRI taken later at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, showed a tumor the size of a golf ball on the frontal lobe which is possibly malignant. We found out last night from a Physician that it is an unentwined tumor meaning it is not twisted around the brain; that is harder to surgically remove.

She was immediately admitted New Years’ Day and is being prepared now for brain surgery tomorrow (Friday.)
As you might imagine, it has shocked us and we are seeking to trust the Lord with these events.
This has taken us by surprise and we feel swamped with information and life decisions.
We would love you to pray for us and here are some things that come to mind:

  • For wisdom for the physicians who operate on Janice
  • For peace and stillness as we all rest in the sovereignty of God: He knows what we don’t know and is faithful
  • For the Great Physician who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, to be the presiding Surgeon in the operating room. We have asked Him for healing but know He knows all things; we want His will so He receives glory and His purposes.
  • For Janice’s children as they process limited information about their mom
  • The list is endless – financial concerns, future needs and family concerns

Thank you so much for remembering Janice and the whole family before the Father in these coming days and especially on Friday (January 4), the day of the surgery.

You may forward this prayer request.

Love in Christ,
Elizabeth Inrig

“Blessed are all who take refuge in Him”. (Psalms 2:12b)

Updates to Janice Journey can be found here.

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21 Responses to “Brain Surgery Needed For Our Daughter Janice”

  1. Patrick Hsu says:

    Hi Elizabeth and Gary,

    I did not know the surgery hour of your daughter, Janice today. She’s in our prayer, either during the surgery or the recovery afterward.

    It must be hard to your family in this holiday seasons. May Lord be with you all.

    Patrick Hsu

  2. Jerry and Eunice Hamill says:

    Hi Gary and Elizabeth,

    We are praying for the whole family, you and the children especially. We are praying for the doctors and for Janice as well. May God be glorified throughout the whole process. We love you and are lifting up your arms in faith.

  3. Catrina Mason says:

    Praying for Janice and for your entire family during this difficult trial knowing that our Lord WILL provide for all of your needs! Praying for complete healing!

  4. Jonathan Townsend says:

    We will be praying for Janice and the entire family. We love you all and are with you in spirit. God is good.

  5. Kathy Mahon says:

    I will be praying for you, Janice and her children. God is our refuge and strength in time of trouble. He is our/your Rock and Strength. Love you.

  6. Cindy Mellis says:

    Gordon and I are standing with you in prayer.

  7. Jennifer & Desmond Simmons says:

    We’ve move out of the area (Santa Monica) but I ALWAYS check the web site because I consider Trinity my church home. Desmond and I are in constant prayer for everything you stated and SO MUCH MORE. We serve a MIGHTY God…

    God is good…all the time. All the time…God is good.

  8. Charmion Franz says:

    I am praying for Janice, the family, and wisdom and God’s perfect direction for the doctors. May she be healed completely and God’s grace and glory shine.

  9. Jim and Shari Ardill says:

    We are sad and shocked for the tough news, Gary and Elizabeth. We will pray tomorrow for God’s amazing grace in the surgery, Janice’s recovery and HIS peace for you two and your grandkids.

  10. Mark & Linda Wiley says:

    No words, just know you will be in our prayers…

  11. Gary & Stephanie says:

    Praying, please let me know if i can do anything to help. I can come over anytime to sit with the kids. Love to all, Stephanie

  12. Mike and Paula Lawrence says:

    Our hearts are so sad for this very difficult journey with you and deeply in prayer.

  13. Betty Heldreth Gehrett says:

    Praying for the entire family. Asking The Father to guide the surgeon’ s hands and for His grace.

  14. Rayna Pfau says:

    Life does have its difficult times. I am praying this entire morning and afternoon for all of your family. Tears come to my eyes as I think of how difficult all of this must be for your family, I am glad that we have a God that hears our prayers and wants us to leave things in His hands, but how hard at times that is. So as I pray for my family I will pray for yours. Thank you Jesus for being there with our Pastor and his family. Rayna

  15. Beth Leger says:

    All of us here at Mastermedia are praying for Janice, and we prayed for her during staff meeting this morning. Hopefully there will be an update when you are able to let us know. Praying for all of you!

  16. Chaplain Chuck Smith says:

    May His countenance be our hope as we endure together His will….. You are, in deed, lifted up my dear friends…

    Chaplain Chuck <

  17. Crissie Rask says:

    We are praying for Janice and for you and her family – for relief from the pain and healing. With our love,
    Dave & Crissie

  18. Cherie says:

    Elizabeth and Gary,
    I just heard of your daughters surgery and we will be praying for her and your family. May God’s Peace be with you at this time and always.

    Cherie and Thad Riley

  19. Lory Ely says:

    Dear Elizabeth and Gary,

    Just read your e-mail regarding Janice. Our hearts are heavy. Nelson and I are praying for Janice and the entire family (including both of you). We know Janice is in the palm of God’s hands and he will not let her fall. We are praying for total healing according to his will, and that ALL THE GLORY IS TO BE GIVEN TO HIM.

    If we can do anything for you or the family, please do not hesitate to ask – we are here for you!!

    Lory Ely

  20. Ramona Radsick says:

    In constant prayer for Janice and children, you and Gary, your entire family and those who are caring and ministering to you all. Love, Ramona Radsick

  21. Rick Rogers says:

    Our continued love and prayers!