Transforming Community

I have been directly involved with Micah House over the years, tutoring, jumping rope, reading, teaching the harmonica, and hugging the kids, as well as participating in the Back2School Block Party. I am intimately aware of what a wonderful community outreach this is, and how it has changed the dynamics and crime statistics of a very rough neighborhood. For me, it is an amazing feeling to help kids who are disadvantaged due to their economic position in the community. I see how the Lord has blessed these children and the volunteers and I wish I could have had this opportunity when I was a kid. I didn’t grow up “disadvantaged”, but I really wish that there had been a Micah House where I could learn from volunteers who mentored/tutored me.

I joined Keller Williams Realty in January, fully aware of their well-known Red Day, the day agents come together in order to support a charity. I was thrilled when my fellow agents at the Redlands office voted to select Micah House for their Red Day charity and so proud and touched to the bottom of my heart. My “Ace in the Hole” was Tracy Calzaretta, a representative of Micah House, who was able to articulate the needs of Micah House to the agents during our meeting. The Lord had it all planned and I can take no credit. I saw His hand move in this, not only to bring the love to the children, but also to minister to many believing and non-believing agents that were coming to help. Isn’t that just the way the Lord works?

On the big day, we were all decked out in our red shirts as we arrived in droves to Micah House on Chapel Street. The team had begun transforming the face of the house with beautiful plants and flowers in the front sidewalk area before I arrived. Many of us were washing windows, painting walls in the hallway and bathroom, erecting a garden arch, and painting rocks for the kids to personalize later in the day when they would participate in our program. The final addition of the day was a new beautiful purple awning over the front window. Talk about curb appeal!

Everyone was so happy to be cleaning, organizing, sweeping, dusting, and engaging in all sorts of work. I overheard individual agents say, “I never knew that this wonderful outreach was in the neighborhood!” Another agent said to me, “When I contribute, Micah House will be my charity of choice.” Still another agent said, “I would like to continue helping the kids when I can.” I watched many hearts soften as they interacted with the children and as they worked to make Micah House an even better place for them.
As most of the work was done, our agents took it upon themselves to clean out the kitchen and reorganize the items after adding new shelf paper. Many of us also went over to Micah House Oxford to help kids there as well. It was Career Day at Micah House and our Team Leader, Aaron Wood, gave a presentation about a career in real estate.

I know that Micah House will be the first charity considered when the next Red Day is planned at Keller Williams Realty in Redlands. The Lord is working and I get to see His hand! What a blessing!

~ Tara Talvin, A Micah House Volunteer

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